Quotes can be humorous, perceptive, ironic, prophetic, and at times very revealing. Here for your enjoyment are some quotes over the years from some Cleveland/Los Angeles/St. Louis Rams, or having to do with them.

"We were the only pro team in L. A. There were no Dodgers, there were no Lakers. There were no games," by Paul "Tank" Younger, Rams running back and linebacker, 1949-57, after the Rams relocation to Los Angeles in 1946.

"I remember [Bob] Waterfield had a party at his house and he invited me along with some of the players. I ended up playing pool in the garage with Jane Russell, which was a great thrill for me -- a little PR man at that time. I forget [who won], I was watching her too much," by Pete Rozelle, Rams public relations director from 1952-54 and NFL commissioner from 1960-89.

"In Washington, D. C. -- the government center of America -- we stayed in this hotel and we could sleep in the hotel. But we couldn't eat in the hotel restaurant," by Harry Thompson, Rams offensive guard from 1950-54, regarding why the Rams allowed black players to order room service.

"I made more in the three months it took to do that movie than I did during the year being a football player," by Roman Gabriel, Rams quarterback from 1962-72, regarding his appearance in the movie "The Undefeated."

"Our whole objective was to intimidate the opposition. We started on Monday. First you tell them you're going to kick their [expletive] . . . . and they knew we delivered on promises," by David "Deacon" Jones, Rams defensive end from 1961-71, referring to the "Fearsome Foursome."

"I like men with bald heads. I want to win today. I don't want to wait for tomorrow. The future is now," by George Allen, Rams head coach from 1966-70.

"A press conference was called yesterday to announce the new head coach of the Rams. A limo pulled up, the passenger door was opened, and nobody got out," by Jim Murray, sports writer for the Los Angeles Times, in reference to the 1973 hiring of then unknown Chuck Knox.

"He put in a risk-free offense designed not necessarily to win, but not to lose. This worked fine until playoff time, when we faced teams as good or better than us," by Merlin Olsen, Rams defensive tackle, about head coach Chuck Knox's coaching style.

"Carry it everywhere," by Paul "Tank" Younger, Rams scout, prior to a 1973 pre-season game with the Miami Dolphins, when he presented Rams running back Lawrence McCutcheon (who was becoming notorious for his tendency to fumble) with a football that had a handle taped to it.

"It was obvious from his first day with the Rams, Chuck Knox was color-blind. But to make me the starter, in that day and age, he was being color-foolish," by James Harris, Rams starting quarterback from 1974-76, about the controversy surrounding his becoming the first black quarterback to be a regular starter in the NFL.

"See ball, get ball," by D'Marco Farr, defensive lineman for the 2001 Rams, regarding the coaching philosophy of Lovee Smith, new defensive coordinator.

"Special players make special plays on special days," by Rams running back Marshall Faulk ('nuff said).

"If the older I get the younger I feel, the better off I'm going to be," Kurt Warner, prior to the start of the 2002 season.WOW I like Kurt but.