CB Tye Hill

(On having some time off)

“I’m definitely going home. Try and regroup and get ready to come back. I think this bye week couldn’t come at a more perfect time for me. I’m just looking forward to it.”

(On this bye week being much different from the bye week in college)

“I don’t think there is too much difference between Clemson, because our bye week, sometimes you can…the only good thing about the bye week is that you get to go home, but if you wanted to know when they’re going to stop practice…but here it’s a little different because I think we will practice up until like Thursday. We’ll be in full pads, hitting. The good thing about it is that it does help a lot of people to get healthy. They take it real light on the players that really need to get healthy. For me, if anything, I don’t think it could come at a better time for me.”

(On how he feels physically going into the bye week)

“I feel like my legs get a little tighter now than in college. When you look at it, we played four preseason games, and then the regular season, so I think we’ve played a total of 10 games already. The bye week really seems like it’s coming at the end of the season. My body is ready for it.”

(On learning from DE Anthony Hargrove’s situation)

“I really don’t know what to say about the situation. I really don’t know his whole situation, because like you said, we play two totally different positions, and we’re in two different rooms. I really don’t know what his real situation was. I’ve been too busy worrying about how to play. I hate to see him go. It’s a job. You’ve got to take it as so.”

(On going into the bye week with a loss)

“Losing before the bye, I think it gave us extra motivation to really work hard, and to really sit back and think about thing, and come back next week and just get ready to play. I think losing probably would help us coming off the bye.”

(On the pass interference call)

“That just goes to show that I’m a rookie. That just goes to show you what kind of season it is so far.”

LB Will Witherspoon

(On his speed contributing to his skills at the linebacker position)

“I think it does a great job utilizing my skills. My skills aren’t worth nothing if I don’t have a great group of guys to work around me. Pisa and Chillar, you know, that defensive front. The DE’s. All of us have to work together to really accomplish something.”

(On his job being more difficult if others aren’t doing their job properly)

“It makes it a whole lot tougher. That’s really what it comes down to. Knowing that the guys are going to get the job done all around.”

(On his weight)

“235. I’m comfortable there. I feel good. I’m moving well, as you can see. Playing well.”

(On the defensive player that impress him the most)

“ Chillar, you know, the way team’s have been attacking us, he’s really hasn’t been on the field the whole time. He’s not taking that role and saying ‘I’m getting kind of shafted.’ He’s accepted what’s happening and what’s going on on the field and knows that’s the way the situation goes. That’s what’s impressive. You don’t have a bunch of guys that are upset about where their position is, or what their status is on the field the whole time. He’s still coming in and making big plays for us. He comes in and fills that spot and does well. Pisa’s the same way. He’s one of the guys on the field who’s going to know what’s going on. He’s a great conversation guy out there. Talking all the time, moving guys around, and doing a lot of great things. It’s just a good crew of guys around, everywhere. Corey being on that back end is like having another quarterback out on the field because he’s talking constantly to you; getting guys in the right spot and making sure everyone’s on the same page.”

(On how his teammates’ mental attitudes have contributed to big plays)

“It definitely makes a big difference because the players have to get everybody on the same page and get everybody thinking about the same thing. What do I do if I go here? What do I do if they come here? What are their options? You start to hear that from the front end and the back end. You start hearing what those options are and what things are going on. You know the D-line, once they start picking up calls, they’re talking to you. They’re saying ‘Hey, this is what…every time they give this check, this is what’s going to happen. So now, I’m going to give you this, and let you know it’s coming.’ That’s what this team is all about. That’s what this defense is all about. Us working together and getting the job done.”

(On going out to war every day)

“Every day. I know I’m going to put everything out on the line, week in and week out, just like they will.”

DE Brandon Green

(On not having to worry about being inactive for upcoming games)

“At least for the time being. I’d think we would all go or else we’d really be tired out there.”

(On the Rams putting trust in him by trading DE Anthony Hargrove)

“Honestly, I don’t look too much into that. I’m going to go out there and play hard no matter when or who’s here. Obviously Tony (Hargrove) is gone and I wish him the best and hope he does really well, just not well against us. Any chance you get to go out there and play is a complemint to yourself. They’re putting trust in you and you just have to go out and fulfill that trust.”

(On if he was surprised by the Hargrove trade)

“Not much surprises me nowadays. I just take it week-to-week and you go from there. Honestly, I’d like to say it would, but I’ve been around for a while and I’ve seen a lot of things that you would never think would happen, so not a whole lot surprises me anymore. Last year it was a soap opera around here and this year it’s a little different. If we can get over last week and put that behind us and get some more wins we’ll be alright.”

(On his injury)

“It was just a little foot problem, but I’m fine and ready to get after it now.”

(On feeling like his spot with the Rams is secure)

“No I do not, based on my past experience. There are a lot of guys floating around out there and I’m sure they would love to have my spot.”

(On the Rams acquiring a fourth defensive end)

“I would think so or I would get a lot of reps in practice, I know that.”

(On what he thinks will happen with the defensive end situation)

“We just want to do whatever’s best for the team. We can stay at three (defensive ends) right now and do that all season if that’s going to help us win.”

DE Victor Adeyanju

(On how he feels about the opportunities to play that he has received)

“My thing was that I was basically going to compete as hard as I can and whatever happens. It’s not my decision, it’s obviously the coaches decision so if they feel I’m suitable to play or start, that’s their decision, but I will just come in there to play hard and get after it.”

(On his progression as a professional player)

“Everything moves fast, but you have a lot of preparation and a lot of practice. When your coaches and teammates have confidence in you, you can’t do anything but progress. Just playing fast, reading your keys. I’m obviously being taught different techniques and different moves, so my position coaches really help me out.”

(On how he feels about his performance thus far)

“I’m always going to be the most critical about myself. I always feel that I have room to improve. All that really matters is that we get the ‘W’. As long as I’m playing hard and we keep winning, that’s all that matters.”

(On improving his pass rush)
“It’s definitely technique and reading keys a little bit faster. That’s pretty much it, but we’re definitely working at it and it’s definitely getting better.”

(On his first career sack)

“I was down in the tight technique; I saw high hat, just slammed the guard and got to the quarterback.”

DT La’Roi Glover

(On the bye week and preparation for San Diego)

“(We can) get through the bye week and have an extra jump on the Chargers, have an extra week to prepare for them, but in order to get where we need to go, big plays have got to be eliminated. We are not where we need to be yet.”

(On seeing the progress of the defensive line)

“It’s definitely encouraging and from watching the film we see that we have some things that need to be corrected. That’s a good thing because we’ve tried to improve each and every week. Luckily for us, some of the guys in our front four have come up with some huge plays for us. (We’ve had) a couple of fumble recoveries here and there, a sack here and there, getting the ball on the ground, and things like that we are going to have to continue to do and then focus on eliminating big plays.”

(On putting Sunday’s loss behind him)

“I’ve put it away. It’s something good to learn from. In a situation like that, regardless, you have to dig deep and find a way to win the game for your team.”

(On what he hopes his teammates have picked up from him)

“A knowledge of the game, hopefully. Understanding what plays are coming out of what formations, what protections you’re going to get from what formations and things like that, which are nuances of the game.”

(On the defensive line picking up approach techniques from him)

“From what I’m seeing, Victor (Adeyanju) is coming along just fine for us, Jimmy (Kennedy) is taking some positive steps for us, Leonard (Little) is Leonard and he still does his thing. From that standpoint, guys are coming together and that’s what we’re going to need to happen.”