As much as I hate to say it, but Wilson is twice what Dilfer was. Just for a historical or hysterical perspective, how many more season did Dilfer last with his team after the Raven's Super Bowl win? LOL! yah, like comparing apples to onions. At least Wilson can say he earned his ring.

Point is there are walking punch lines to a bad joke called QBs in the NFL. The Ram's number 2 QB can't be one of those bad jokes. For the money I still am thinking Colt McCoy if still available with a work-in-progress QB taken later in the draft. It also means some serious upgrades in the weapon's department are needed.

With the tight and aggressive defenses in the NFC W. dare I suggest another TE to match Cook on the other side of the line? Perhaps even go as far as "experiment" with converting a TE as a FB....I reviewed FBs at the college level as possible draft picks and none jump out as pass catchers. As I see it, considering the defenses, a quick short-game slows up a pass rush, and a QB has to be quick and deliberate within that game. All the Rams need to do is thin, the defensive depth to hit them at any given point with a power run play while speedsters like T. Austin can draw off coverage and get 1-to-1. Basically a three layered offense...getting a true deep threat as a number 1 WR adds a forth layer to that cake