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    Question Ram Camp

    Who all is going to Rams summer training camp in Macomb, Illinois this year and on what dates? I would like to know who to keep my eyes out for so we can watch practices together.

    Bummers that I won't be getting a shirt or hat this year. Need to save my money for film and developing so I can get pictures posted. I will write the site address and my user name on a hat I already have, if that's alright with administration. :confused:

    Be patient with me and the pictures, still learning about this stuff and it might take we a while to get them developed. Having them put on a CD might be too expensive, so may have to settle for having them put online. I hope that is a safe way to do it. I don't want people stealing my Rams pictures. That would really make me mad.

    10 MORE DAYS! I can't wait. I'm so excited and happy that I live here and can go everyday (hopefully)!

    MsWistRAM-Hope, not expectation.

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    Not a problem with the name ......

    do you have a digital camera??

    if not, have them developed and get someone to scan them, that would be the cheapest way.

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