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    Marshall1 Guest

    Ram front office in an uproar?

    Hey guys I found this threw MSN
    Can anyone (Nick) confirm this?

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    Re: Ram front office in an uproar?

    Sounds like Czarnacki is just parroting Bernie (they are friends, according to Bernie).

    I disagree with the ultimate conclusion, though. I think that Martz is the least likely person in the Front Office to be let go.

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    psycho9985 Guest

    Re: Ram front office in an uproar?

    I dont know whats going on in the front office if anything.I do know that I dont want to lose Martz.

    They could be mad at him for sticking with Marmie.

    Or Martz has been showing the team Ramtimes Compilation of SuperBowl 36 and the FO fears Being found out about having their hands in the cookie jar on that one.

    Could be that Martz has a total disreguard for authority.

    Could be just the Rams FO using the Media to get attention,but why that kind of attention?

    Maybe Sulieman is a terrorist and he showed his hand.

    Maybe its the Media driving the front office Distain for Martz,Because Martz likes George Bush. (they sure treat him that way).

    I wish they would all shut up and watch football for what it is,and Hoot Holler and cheer.


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