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    Re: Which Ram Jersey do you like the most?

    oh i found it but it said that they wanted to honor him by wearing blue and white but since Nick Wagoner doesnt have a say...... they probably arent doing it

    I have received plenty of emails about ways to honor Mr. Snow next season and many of the ideas I really like. It isn't my job to determine how the players dress or what goes on the helmets, but I absolutely love the idea of wearing the old blue and white uniforms at least once (at home against San Fran perhaps?). It would be a fitting tribute to Mr. Snow that goes beyond just putting 84 decals or something else on the helmet. If I had any say in it, that would happen at some point next season, but I have total faith that something above the simple sticker will get done to honor Mr. Snow. Maybe the whole team can wear the cool sunglasses during a game?

    sorry that i got you all excited realram

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    Re: Which Ram Jersey do you like the most?

    4ever. thank you very much, nonetheless. I appreciate your time and reply.

    Yes, it would have been terrific to once again see that throwback uniform -- it was the main football image of our dear departed friends Jack Snow and Dick Bass (both in Victory White / Royal Blue).

    :1: Thanks again.

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    Re: Which Ram Jersey do you like the most?

    I am old school. My fave... is still the old white and blue w/white and blue helmet. I can still picture Roman Gabriel getting stuffed at the line of scrimmage in Minnesota... in the snow....

    No more blue and more snow in MN and now no Snow in St. Louis.

    If they wear the oldies as a tribute - they cann be pourchased - I will buy a jersey... # 84.

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    Re: Which Ram Jersey do you like the most?

    I like ram-bo suggestions, blue on blue, those are pretty sweet, then use the yellow and blue outfits for home, and those white and blue jersey's, mix it up you know?

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    Re: Which Ram Jersey do you like the most?

    Blue and White, all the way.

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    Re: Which Ram Jersey do you like the most?

    1. Blue and white
    2. Navy Blue and Gold (Today's colors)
    3. Bright blue and Gold (Superbowl win colors)

    In that order....

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