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    Talking Ram Pride!

    Heres something you guys might find amusing.I ran into an old friend(a huge Cowboy fan)a couple of days ago who loved to give me a hard time after we lost that wildcard game against the Saints.I was wearing my NFC champion Rams hat and he asked,"What do you think of your lambs now?"I simply responded,"Hey,At least they made it to the Super Bowl!By the way,How did your Cowgirls do?"He didnt have have much to say about my Rams after that.I think its funny how some people seem to expect me to give up on the Rams after they were upset by the Patriots.Hell,We've been to the playoffs three years in a row and have appeared in two Super Bowls.In todays era of free-agency I think our Rams are pretty amazing.,and its not over yet!!!KEEP THE FAITH GUYS!!!
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    First of all, good choice of avatars, secondly, I know what you mean. All I can think about is how I can't wait till football games begin. We did a great job last season and I am very curious to see how we do next season. I am very hopeful of another great year. Way to be Aries.

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    Being a long-time Ram fan through many bad years is especially difficult when you live in Sacramento. When the Rams won Super Bowl 34, I got a lot of die-hard Niner fans giving me congrats for all the years of sticking around. It was amazing at the same time to see so many Niner fans put their hats and shirts away when Aeneas Williams knocked Steve Young out of the NFL.

    Like I did the entire week after the Rams lost this Super Bowl, where your colors with pride. The Rams will be back!


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    Like you guys I have always been pride of our RAMS through thick and thin and boy in the early 90's there was some thin moments...(Good old Tony" there goes another fumble"Banks) but we now have the best team in the league . I still sometimes can't believe it , roll on the new season!!!!!!! I've missed Warner wizzing the ball around... anybody else????


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    CAn't wait for the new season. We do have the best team in the league. Just hopr the "D" keeps coming on laike last year. Think Duncan is a good addition!!?? Still Worried about Ricky.....

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    I have missed it more than ever. I am ready for it now...and it comes in my least favorite time of the year, so for me to be willing to head back into fall and winter....thats missing it!

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    A lot of my friends do the same to me. "The Rams lost!! Ha Ha!" It gets old, considering they never take the time to realize that I was a Ram fan when they went 4-12. I grew accustomed to see the Rams lose before the '99 season, so it's not like I'm going to abandon my Rams just because they lost the Super Bowl. It only fills us with pride to know that after all those years of suffering, we've been blessed with a team that can not only get to two Super Bowls in three years, but can be humble yet confident about themselves.


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    I, for one, love Ram football!!! After all the years of the putrid Cardinals, and shame and humiliation that the NFL heaped on the city of St. Louis, the Rams domination of the league is sweet. Let's count it shall we? Three consecutive 6-0 starts, Three consecutive playoff berths, two NFC championships, two NFC West Division titles, and One Super Bowl Championship! That ain't bad at all!

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    Rams winning ways

    The 90's were really rough. Especially if you grew up with the Rams and were use to their winning ways. A matter of fact, the Rams always seemed like the team that couldn't win in the play-offs when it really counted. Through out their history, the Rams have been a winning franchise. I may be wrong(and please correct me if I am), but I believe that the 90's was the Rams only loosing decade. Going into the 90's, I believe the Rams had a better historical winning percentage than the Niners. And in the 80's the Rams were one of the better teams; constantly fighting the Niners for the division. So, yes right now is totally awesome. But lets make sure that we are all used to it; the old timers are. Take away the 90's and the Rams know nothing else but winning ways.

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    Have'nt taken my season hilight dvd out of the player since I've gotten it! I love that Warner to Faulk td pass in the Dolphin game, Thomas could not belive it! Best qb play of the year. Keep in mind that The RAMS are the best team in football bar none, and any chance your non-RAM fan buddies get a RARE chance to rib you a little thier gonna do it. On the other hand I don't gloat too much, I guess it's superstition, I don't want to jinx them!

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    Like it's been said, we got there. I have some who still give their condolences about the Super Bowl, I just say, I'm over it and looking forward, not back. As for the nay-sayers, most aren't even Patriot fans, so I pay them no mind. I'm still proud of our boys and always will.

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