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    Saint Nick Guest
    Originally posted by RamDez
    Most fans I have spoken with have never considered the aints Rams thing a rivalry.

    Last year changed some people and building on that, this year has been good so far ---- concidering we still have not played them yet :rolleyes:

    Its a shame that it won't develope in to the same full blown hate we have for the whiners.

    PS. you can always tell a bandwaggon Ram fan.

    Ask them if they hate the whiners, all the new ones have no real hate there.

    Still, anyone know when we will see the aints after this year ??

    what is the rotation on the schedule :mask:
    I kinda think Saints' fans are more apt to view this as a rivalry than Rams' fans. The biggest factor in this is that the Rams started their road to riches the season before the Saints did with a Lombardi Trophy. And success will fuel hatred.

    Would there be any animosity towards the Cowboys or the stinkin' '9ers if they had histories on par with the Cardinals? Probably not.

    So Saints' fans view the Rams as the all-powerful tyrant in need of being overthrown...a bully that seemingly gets its way at every turn. And...let's be honest...the Rams' style of offense gets ratings on tv and sells advertising spots...and ESPN, Fox, etc. will promote it every chance they get. Throw in the occassional bulletin board material Martz puts out there and an air of Walsh-esque "c o c k i n e s s" that he exudes...and it's easy for Saints' fans to hate the Rams.

    By contrast, it seems like Rams' fans view the Saints last season as an anomaly...a fluke...who got lucky against the Rams. And it's hard to take seriously someone who got lucky. Haslett plays very low key and the team does likewise. Except maybe Joe Horn, from whom Martz was able to dredge some motivation for his team by way of an offseason quote.

    To Saints' fans, the Rams are the new generation 4 9 e r s.

    I wish this rivalry could continue. I can't help but to think that the 2002 season will be less fun without two Saints/Rams wars to look forward to.
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    ramranger Guest
    Yea! The Rivalry wasnt seen in Rams and Ants so much until the quality of players these
    two teams have on there rosters now.

    Two factors I see in Rams Vs Saints game!

    1. Trung,

    2. The new hard hitting Ram Defense.

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