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    Ram Talk/Draft & FA/NFL Talk: Where to Post

    With the flurry of free agency starting only a week ago, there has been a lot of news happening every day in the NFL and with the Rams. We also have some new members joining with excitement of the "new look" Rams building. Without being familiar to these forums, it can be confusing where to post the information or ideas that you want to share with the Clan.

    So, as a reminder to some and to inform others, here are the basic posting rules of each forum:

    Ram Talk
    This area is designated for news or discussion relating directly to the Rams team - whether it be about the front office, coaches or any current Ram on the roster. (News of a player signing with the Rams should be posted here because that player would then be on the roster and officially part of the Rams.) Any discussion about unsigned players, former players that are on another NFL team, or free agents and draftees that are available to the Rams do not belong here.

    Draft & FA
    This forum is for any discussion or news about free agents or possible draft picks pertaining to the Rams.

    NFL Talk
    This is where you would post any news about other NFL teams or players, including former Rams that are still in the league. For example, if a free agent signs with the Redskins, post it here, not in Draft & FA, because that player is officially on another team and is not a free agent anymore.

    Also, I know it's fun to be the first to post breaking news, but please check the forums before you do so. It only takes a few seconds, and it can be messy for us Mods to have to organize, move, and merge threads dealing with the same topic.

    It is also best, if you are posting a news item, to find the original source of the news instead of a tiny RotoWorld/KFFL clip that doesn't give all the details of the story.

    Thank you, and I hope that clears things up. Feel free to ask any questions if you're still unsure of where to post something.
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    Re: Ram Talk/Draft & FA/NFL Talk: Where to Post

    I thought the FA and draft section was for potential rams players, It seems I'm not going completely mad yet then

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    Re: Ram Talk/Draft & FA/NFL Talk: Where to Post

    Thanks..that helps..I have been posting everywhere..thanks for the info

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    Re: Ram Talk/Draft & FA/NFL Talk: Where to Post

    Me too. My last post was moved. Sorry, I will try and follow the rules.
    GO RAMS!

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    Re: Ram Talk/Draft & FA/NFL Talk: Where to Post

    Thanks for the information I too have posted a thread in the wrong forum.

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