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    Never one to break with tradition. I offer my 2005 season picks for your approval. I never apologise nor expect anything less than a full and frank discussion on the picks. Please feel free to post your thoughts if you disagree with any of them. If you are a fan of another team, hey sorry to hear that but again, feel free to give your polite view I hope you enjoy the read.

    Game 1: Rams open the 2005 season away to the whiners.

    Candlestick or whatever its called these days, holds no surprises for the Rams. The newly upgraded whiners try their luck but fall short as the Rams hold them of in a typical season opener. The ClanRam tour starts off in a high note.
    Rams 28 – Whiners 16

    Game 2: The Rams travel to the much favoured Cardinals.

    Now we all know what happens to much favoured (for much favoured, read much “hyped”) teams these days. The Rams show the NFL that although Warner is still good, he does not make the grade in the West. In the second home opener, the Rams put the Cardinals to the sword in another close game. The ClanRam tour continues in its glorious course.
    Rams 21 – Cards 14

    Game 3: The third game of the season and the Rams have been involved in 2 home openers so far (at whiners and Cards) So now we open at our home and the Ed rocks with the ClanRam. The Titans come to play and drag up memories of their one yard loss to the Rams in our Superbowl. But the Rams have heard it all before and the luckless Titans fall to the unsheathed horns of a Rampant ClanRam support.
    Rams 34 – Titans 21

    Game 4: Rams travel to the Giants making 3 away games from 4 to start the season. No less the Rams continue to show that they are not to be underestimated. Mike Martz dances his way into the locker room after the Rams shut out the Gnats.

    Rams 17 – Giants 0

    Game 5: The Rams come home to face the hot head Seahawks. Once again Holmgren pus his vast experience to waste as he gets out coached by Martz who has been known to call him “his *****” Hawks flutter away to wonder what they have to do.

    Rams 28 – Seahawks 17

    Game 6: Rams travel to Indianapolis for theMonday night showdown. The Rams, true to form, don’t show up in the first half and then struggle for the remainder of the game. They still manage to close the gap but run out of time.

    Rams 28 – Colts 31

    Game 7: Rams come home with their tail between their legs and can not find their form. And it had to happen against the Saints. The Rams fall apart in a totally embarrassing fashion against an auld rival.

    Rams 14 – Saints 28

    Game 8: Rams with their tails firmly between their legs, travel to Jacksonville. In a lacklustre first half, the Ram fans begin to wonder if its starting to unravel big time. The Rams come out in the second half after Jackson was rumoured to have jumped onto the dressing room table and started swinging his helmet around his head shouting about the Spiral horn legions and cursing in tongues. Rams storm ahead and don’t look back.

    Rams 34 – Jaguars 21

    Bye Week ---------------------------------------------------------------------

    Game 9: Rams take a well earned rest and feel the need to continue the rest into the first half of this game as the Rams again forget to show up. Holmgren and his flock take full advantage of this lapse and screech into a 17 point lead as the 4th quarter begins. Yawn. Yes, we all guess correct. Martz’s ***** does it yet again as the Rams come storming back to wipe out any hope of a pre season berth for these hawks.

    Rams 42 – Seahawks 28

    Game 10: Rams come home to thunderous applause from the ClanRam and the Rams Nation. The Warner less Cardinals enter the Ed and promptly leave minus tail feathers and all those hacks who stoutly proclaimed the Cards as a pre season favourite are left scratching their hinnies and wondering where their next meal will come from.

    Rams 48 – Cardinals 7

    Game 11: Onwards and upwards the Rams climb as they take on the Texans. A fright is given by this upstart team and their fans make a din. But the Rams are now longer in the tooth and the ClanRam is wise. This game turns into a classical Martz showcase and wonder on wonder. All three wrs, Bruce, Holt and Curtis gains over 100 yards each.

    Rams 42 – Texans 21

    Game 12: The Skins come to town and want to own the Ed. The ClanRam remind the skins that one must be worthy of the keys and send them whooping down the road minus some head gear. The Rams revert to the running game and pound out over 300 yards on the ground, man that new turf is soft.

    Rams 46 – Redskins 14

    Game 13: The Rams enter the closing leg of the 2005 season and are sitting at ten wins and two ugly losses. They enter that bastion of the northern climate and face a classical showdown against a spunky Viking team. The Rams come out the other side and the Vikings now know the meaning of vasectomy.

    Rams 38 – Vikings 3

    Game 14: Well hello Eagles. The much talked about rematch ….. Much talked about in Philadelphia that is. The Rams come home to the Ed and pluck these birds once and for all. Martz again reverts to his ground game and both Jackson and Faulk gain over 100 yards each.

    Rams 34 – Eagles 9

    Game 15: Two weeks in a row at the Ed? Wow, those NFL schedulers have been kind. Oh, it’s the whiners. Well you know what, these whiners have put down their wine and cheese and come out fighting. Only problem is the Rams second string take umbrage to this show of solidarity and pound the whiners to some sort of mushy substance whose colour does in fact look much like their home kit.

    Rams second string 28 – Whiners 17

    Game 16: Happy New Year. Rams travel to Dallas for the season final regular game and guess what.

    Rams 17 – Cowboys 20

    Rams finish the regular season with 3 losses and 13 wins.
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    Re: RamDez breaks down the 2005 season.

    Isn't Week 8 At Home In St Louis Against Jacksonville?


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