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    RamFanInJuly meets Fate (A Play)

    RamFanInJuly: "Man, I am really looking forward to this season. Super Bowl here we come!"

    Fate: "Well, I should warn you, Alex Barron is going to hold out until the middle of preseason."

    RFIJ: "Really? Well, that's disappointing, but hopefully he'll adjust quickly and be ready some time in the first half of the season."

    Fate: "I should also tell you, Jeremetrius Butler is going to get hurt and be out for the season."

    RFIJ: "Wow, that's a shame. He was becoming the Rams' best cover corner. Oh well, I guess Travis Fisher will take that role and someone else will emerge as a starter. At least we've got some new talent at safety."

    Fate: "Well, about that. Hawthorne and Stone are going to be complete busts and will be cut during the season. Archuleta will battle injuries. Atogwe will be lost and unable to contribute for most of the season. It will get to the point where Mike Furrey will be the starter at FS."

    RFIJ: "Man, that sucks! I guess the Rams will have to rely on their pass rush."

    Fate: "Um... yeah... it seems that Leonard Little and and Tony Hargrove will have less than ten sacks between them all year."

    RFIJ: "And the linebackers?"

    Fate: "Coakley and Claiborne will underachieve and be removed from passing downs. That is, before Coakley is lost in a season ending injury."

    RFIJ: "Ugh! Well, I guess the Rams will have to rely on that high powered offense."

    Fate: "Well, the offense will do okay at times, but it will be hard, what with Bulger missing half the year, and Pace, Bruce, Holt, Timmerman and Barron all fighting injuries during the year."

    RFIJ: "Aaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!!!!!! This sounds horrible!!!!!! What is Mike Martz going to do to salvage this season!!?!?!?!?!?!!"

    Fate: "Um... not much, considering he's going to take ill and step down in favor of Joe Vitt during the first half of the season."

    RFIJ: "But... but... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!! You can't be serious! This-this is a joke, r-right? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Scene fades to black. Next scene opens with RFIJ sitting in a padded room. He sites with his knees pressed to his chest, rocking back and forth in a rhythmic motion, as he mutters...

    RFIJ: "There's always next year... there's always next year... there's always next year..."

    Fate, standing outside the room, ponders...

    Fate: "Hmmmm, EagleFan didn't take my news this badly."

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    Re: RamFanInJuly meets Fate (A Play)

    that was really good and funny...
    but itz a true story :sad:
    why!! WHY!! diid this happen to us!! WHY!!

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    Re: RamFanInJuly meets Fate (A Play)

    WOW! Funny yet depressing at the same time.


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