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Thread: RAMS 10 REDSKINS 17 Postgame Discussion

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    Angry RAMS 10 REDSKINS 17 Postgame Discussion

    Today I was able and just watch a team self destruct right before my eyes, Defense, your ok, Special Teams your ok, Offensive backs your ok, Offensive Line you S_CK_D today.
    THE REDSKINS S__K , We just S__K alot worse..This was our chance for the first win and because you cannot execute, and hold the rush, Bradford ended up on the ground way too much. Holding in deperation, caused way too many flags, I would say you would have a hard time block rushers half your size..They would get to Bradford..Infact take next week off, we are going to run the team with no offense line and see...Bradford stands a better chance just knowing the sack is coming every play.

    I'm,a lifelong Ram Fan, and never have seen such poor protection.

    Coaches can only coach,,players have to execute...I lay blame totally on an offensive line who are not doing thier Job...your all fired....I would bench all of you for the second team and bring up the practice squad...they would have at least played with heart.

    HOW in God's wonderful Earth do you expect bradford to perform his art , with no time to set up. ALL DRAFT CHOICES MUST BE OFFENSIVE LINEMEN- ANY FREE AGENTS AVAILABLE?

    Every pass was a hurry up pass because you clowns can't block,and you cant run when you have to pull, your clumsy, and this is inexcusable to your fans..Return your pay, because you didn'tearn it.

    I Love my Rams exception being the Offensive Line this your...YOU ARE PATHETIC!
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    Re: RAMS 10 REDSKINS 17 Postgame Discussion

    This pathetic excuse for a team will not win a game this season. I would just LOVE to see the changes then! I hope Spags gets fired and we just draft a #1WR then OL for the next 6 rounds!!!!

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    Re: RAMS 10 REDSKINS 17 Postgame Discussion

    I Saw a highlight where Bradford got hit. Was that his own blood on him??? I saw it on his pants....

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