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    Re: Rams 2011 schedule strength intriguing!?

    i cant wait,go big or go home,its time to put up or shut up we cant keep riding the improvement train anymore its time to play with the big dogs and see how we fair.Honestly im excited for the challenge and cant wait to see how we handle this many quality teams.With all that said this means we rlly need to handle business in our division if we want to go anywhere next year.

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    Re: Rams 2011 schedule strength intriguing!?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ramendola16 View Post
    Hey, we saw this year what injuries can do to a team. All it takes is an Aaron Rodgers concussion, and suddenly the Packers only put up 3 points.

    I see this year as a year where we have to win the winnable games. We are certainly capable of winning every game in our division. Throw in Washington, Cleveland, and Cincinnati, and suddenly we've got 9 games that look winnable on paper. Maybe eek out a win or two at home against one of those better teams, and suddenly a 10-11 win season looks realistic. This is assuming we keep mostly healthy and win the close games, however.
    Did you see the Packers-Pats game when Rogers was out with that concussion? They almost pulled off the win but with that being said its true that one man going down can change the season.

    If we do stay healthy I wouldn't be to suprised if we won 8,9 maby even 10 games. Its kind of hard to speculate on that now though seeing that there's so much that will go on before opening day(FA,The draft,possible preseason injury,etc )

    I expect that Mcdaniels and Spags will show us a well rounded playoff contender next year. I have enough faith in them seeing what's Spags has done with the team and what Mcdaniels has done as an OC.

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    Re: Rams 2011 schedule strength intriguing!?

    Remember my friends. Any given sunday, any given sunday...

    Go rams. With offensive fire power and bradford in his second year after doing better than peyton manning in manning's first year, i cannot wait!

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    Re: Rams 2011 schedule strength intriguing!?

    Strength of schedule in January doesn't necessarily equate to strength of schedule the following December. We'll see what happens with the 2011 season, but ultimately all they have to do is win more games than the 3 other West teams. And from a going forward position, I think the Rams are in a better place than any of the other 3.
    "Before the gates of excellence the high gods have placed sweat; long is the road thereto and rough and steep at first; but when the heights are reached, then there is ease, though grievously hard in the winning." --- Hesiod

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    Re: Rams 2011 schedule strength intriguing!?

    A couple of observations:

    Dallas is not a top tier team.

    The rest of the NFC West plays the same schedule (except for New Orleans.) Seattle will play Atlanta instead of New Orleans, and San Francisco will play Tampa Bay. It's all about winning the division, and it appears they all have a similar schedule.

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    Re: Rams 2011 schedule strength intriguing!?

    Given that the Cowboys game is on the road...

    How about giving us a Thanksgiving game, NFL?

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