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    Rams Announce Rams Radio "Rush Hour"

    Rams Radio Ready for Rush Hour
    Monday, July 24, 2006

    For football fans looking for their fix during the week, Rams Radio/KLOU is ready to launch a plethora of new shows to fill the void.

    The first of the scheduled programs, Rams Rush Hour, is set to begin July 25 at 7 p.m. That show will run weekdays until 8 p.m. Rams Rush Hour will feature breakdowns of all the happenings with the Rams and appearances from a variety of Rams Radio personalities including Steve Savard, Jim Hanifan, Malcolm Briggs, DíMarco Farr and a cast of others.

    Rams Rush Hour will run weekdays until the beginning of the season. But the new lineup doesnít stop there. Once the season begins, Rams Rush Hour will be expanded to include weekly appearances and interviews with players and coaches and a variety of specialty shows hosted by members of the team.

    If youíre looking to get some football news earlier, KLOU is adding to its coverage with football talk on the morning drive shows on Monday and Friday. In addition, each and every Rams press conference will be carried live on KLOU beginning immediately.

    KLOU has been the home of the Rams for the past six years.


    Looking foward to listening to the program. Just wondering if anyone can provide a link that allows for online listening.
    As always.....

    GO RAMS!!!

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    Re: Rams Announce Rams Radio "Rush Hour"

    Is KLOU only availible in St. Louis?

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    Re: Rams Announce Rams Radio "Rush Hour"

    Quote Originally Posted by RamsFan4ever
    Is KLOU only availible in St. Louis?
    If you're talking about regular radio, then yes I believe KLOU is only in St. Louis. However you can listen online at With the major catch that the NFL blocks the broadcasts during all Rams games to blackmail non-St. Louis residents into paying for their 'field pass' crap (remember it's not called bias if it's true people ).

    I used to listen to Rams radio for every regular season game, back when it was free (with ads of course), Savard and Snow - best damn football commentators IMHO.

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    Re: Rams Announce Rams Radio "Rush Hour"

    hello is this thing a workin'

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    Re: Rams Announce Rams Radio "Rush Hour"

    For those of us who are not able to get Klou, will there be postings by moderators or others than can update us here on the Clanram board of what was covered during each show? I would greatly appreciate someone stepping up and keeping Ram fans everywhere updated on the latest news/gossips/talk that goes on Klou. Up to now, the P-D and offical site haven't been very forthcoming.

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    Re: Rams Announce Rams Radio "Rush Hour"

    If you want to listen in at 7:00 like me, go here and then in the top click "Listen Live". This is going to be interesting!

    Go Rams!

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    Re: Rams Announce Rams Radio "Rush Hour"

    As i'm from the UK, i've started to listen to Ktrs radio

    i believe that one of the main radio stations in and around St.Louis, currently listening to Tim 'Monty' Montymayor..

    This guy? whats he like? honest? good or just a loud mouth smack talker, He's just called out Linehan, 'having no trust in him' and 'Linehan needs to prove so much'... then having a dig at the Rams management, for 'Not' knowing about Faulk's Condition, and not having a backup plan, personally i thought Jackson was the closest thing to a replacement for Faulk... also knocking the managment for holding 5 QB's and currently 1 100% fit RB in SJ..

    So my question is, for all you guys who live in around St.Louis, is this guy just a smack talk kinda shock 'DJ' or does he carry a lot of truth??


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