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I never suggested we should have thrown the game. I only said we would be better off if we lost. I dont believe in momentum in this case, especially when you change coaches. To me, one game in a particular direction didnt matter. I dont think its as simple as comparing 8 with 11. a big part of my issue is the options you have at 8 (ie ease of trading up) that are tougher at 11.

good debate though, reasonable people can differ for sure.

ramming speed to all

general counsel

ps would you feel the same way if the win cost you the difference between reggie bush and the #2 pick
I agree with GC mostly. I don't think that it will be a big momentum swing with a long (too long) offseason and as the many switches in coaching and players alike. I however, never want to see the rams lose to anybody. I'd take the win.