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    Thumbs up Rams-Bills preseason game

    My latest $.02: I only listened to the audio feed over the web, but I was pretty pleased with the Rams second action. Hopefully people that saw the televised broadcast can give better insights, especially as to individual progress, but it sounded (and the stats suggest) that the Ram D made some good improvement.

    Getting back to those four issues I posted after the Hall of Fame game:

    1. The jury is still out as to how we can hold up against a strong running game, but aside from a couple big runs, we seemed to improve a lot here.

    2. We completely reversed our dismal opponent third down conversion rate. Buffalo was 4-13 on third downs, and had only 81 net passing yards?? I had become accustomed to giving up 4 third down conversions and 81 yards in just one drive! In addition, Buffalo is trying out a new "West Coast" style offense, and I've been worried about how Lovie's scheme matches up (since most of our present and all of our future division competition is "west coast" offenses). I despise the "west coast" offense style, so I was happy to see us shut it down.

    3. Fundamentally, it sounded as if the defense was tackling a lot better. It also sounded like another ticky-tack penalty, this week a facemask, opened the door for the 2nd quarter Buffalo score, but since I didn't see it I can't comment on if it was a stupid mistake or a bad call. Certainly we broke down on the 25 yard TD run, but this is a work in progress still & won't be perfect.

    4. The special teams continue to be a big problem. At this point, I'd rather fair catch every punt and kickoff as long as we never fumbled.

    Now, this was just the "first week" of preseason, so I'm not going to count on only allowing 10 points a game. But the goal should be to improve every week, and that's what we did, so it's hard not to get excited.

    I think what these two games have shown is that the Rams, despite being a top team in the salary cap era, still have real good depth and better benches than other teams, a tribute to management. We'll need the depth with the loss of Wistrom (please, please only be for a couple weeks).

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    MsWistRAM Guest
    I think the defense showed a lot of improvement, especially considering they were doing it without the help of Wistrom (or WiSTORM if you will). #66 Brian Young is serious about contributing this year, and the rookies?! Wow, I like how #92 Damione Lewis and #31 Adam Archuleta have stepped up the the plate. Adam is quickly winning me over after looking like such a rookie in camp. Lewis even shrugged off heat cramps in camp to show the Rams he is ready to contribute. Most rookies aren't that bold. We needed these guys to make an impact right away and I think they are up for the challenge.

    Special teams!? Ugh! Matt Simonton is a joke. He was in camp and it was embarrassing to have him in the game. They didn't need to see him a game situation to know he wasn't Ram quality. I don't envy Martz figuring out the punter position again, second season in a row. I'm glad to see he is looking at the position with his head and not his heart. I like Baker, but he doesn't have Araguz's work ethics.

    So happy to hear that #34 Aveion Cason has a shot on this team. I hope they are smart enough to give it to him. I've said it throughout training camp, the man has Great Hands! He could develop into a dynamo. He has Faulk-like hands with Hakim-like ability to weed through a crowd of defenders. If he doesn't make it here, he will be an asset to some other team.

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    DJRamFan Guest
    dump simonton, it was probably just something to keep things interesting and give Jeff some time off during the preseason.

    I say Justin should be cut, but see if he wants to stay on as a QB advisor or something. Or even not cut him, but just keep him around, Kurt would like that. When Trent was hurt, he still roamed the sidelines (when he could walk) and helped Kurt and the other QBs - including Justin.

    AA is becoming one of my favs, he's got a lot of potential and is just really cool. Lewis just plows people over. We still need a lot of work, but hopefully the first teamers get more action and attention the weeks to come.

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    sprtsmac Guest

    Thumbs up

    I am really excited about are defense. Especially Lewis and Archuleta. I didn't get to see the game but when I saw the highlights Archuleta was all over the field. These guys are looking better all the time. The future definetly looks great.

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    Yo Murphy Dez

    Hey Dez,

    did you hear that Yo Murphy will make the team? Martz said that Yo was definately the 5th receiver. Thought you might like to know.

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