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    Rams' Bulger puts positive spin on injury

    By Jim Thomas
    Thursday, Oct. 20 2005

    ST. LOUIS -- Marc Bulger's latest shoulder injury isn't quite as bad as the
    one he suffered last December.

    "He says he feels a lot better than a year ago ... with a similar injury,"
    interim head coach Joe Vitt said Thursday.

    Nonetheless, the shoulder doesn't feel good enough to have Bulger on the
    field Sunday against New Orleans. When asked if there was any chance Bulger
    could play against the Saints, Vitt gave a one-word answer: "No."

    Bulger took a cortisone shot in the shoulder Wednesday to aid the healing
    process, and might try to throw later in the week. He just won't be throwing
    this Sunday.

    "I'm going to come back as quick as possible," Bulger said. "Obviously, the
    bye week is going to help."

    Bulger said "there's no way" his down time will prevent him from returning
    for the Rams' first game after their bye week -- a Nov. 13 contest in Seattle.

    "So at the worst-case scenario, it'll be this week and next week," Bulger

    Bulger said the pain isn't as bad, and his range of motion is a little
    better, than when he suffered a similar injury last Dec. 5 against San
    Francisco and missed two games.

    "It's really not one of those things that aches or hurts when you're not
    doing anything," Bulger said. "It's just certain movements, when you cross your
    body or throw a football, that bother it a lot.

    "If it was my left shoulder, like I said last year, it wouldn't be an issue.
    But since it's my throwing shoulder, it's kind of tough."

    Unlike the injury suffered against the *****, an MRI exam of the latest
    injury showed no bone bruise.

    "Which is good," Bulger said. "So it's just swelling in the joint. Some
    fluid. So I don't think it'll be quite as bad as last year."

    Bulger also suffered a shoulder injury last Oct. 24 against Miami, but
    didn't miss a game. The Rams had their bye week following that contest, which
    gave him enough time to recover.

    After the latest injury, Bulger spoke with team physician Matt Matava about
    the possibility of a cumulative effect on his shoulder.

    "He said that eventually there could be some arthritis," Bulger said. "I
    think he told me Jim Edmonds (of the baseball Cardinals), and some other guys
    had some surgery--they just take a little bit of your collarbone off. It's not
    a big deal, but that's not something you can prevent. But from the MRI and the
    X-rays, everything's stable right now."

    Bulger suffered the latest injury--a sprained AC joint--in the second
    quarter of the Rams' 45-28 loss Monday to Indianapolis. After reviewing tape of
    the play, Bulger still wasn't ready to call the hit by Colts linebacker David
    Thornton a cheap play, although it's clear Thornton gave him a little something
    extra. While in pursuit of linebacker Cato June on an interception return,
    Bulger was flattened by Thornton.

    "He definitely hunted me down like that," Bulger said. "But it's football. I
    could've easily avoided him and ran away. But those things happen."

    So for the fourth time since midway through the 2002 season, Jamie Martin in
    essence will step in for an injured Bulger.

    Last season, Chris Chandler got the first shot at playing in place of
    Bulger, but after a meltdown in the first quarter against Arizona, Martin
    stepped in and finished the game. When Martin was signed last Dec. 7, he had
    been out of football for the better part of two seasons.

    This time around, Martin has been with the club since fairly early in the
    offseason, having re-signed with the Rams on April 20. He had the benefit of
    the full-squad minicamp, the light spring practices known as OTAs (organized
    team activities), as well as training camp and the preseason.

    "It's helped a lot," Martin said. "It takes away a lot of the uncertainty.
    I'm familiar with everything we have in the offense, as opposed to having
    something put in before I was here, and not knowing the reason why and the
    exact reads.

    "I know where to go with the ball. I know why. I know what to do. I just
    have to get on the field and react, and make the right decisions."

    Although he completed 17 of 21 passes against Indianapolis, there were two
    decisions--on two throws--Martin would like to have back:

    A third-quarter pass intended for Brandon Manumaleuna was picked off by June.

    "I think Brandon thought he was going to go backside (with the pass), and he
    didn't," Bulger said.

    But Martin offered no excuses. "I kind of made a bad decision there. I
    really shouldn't have thrown that one."

    In the fourth quarter, a pass intended for Kevin Curtis was intercepted by
    Nick Harper. Curtis was getting held on the play, but Martin said, "I just
    threw a bad ball. That was really my only bad throw of the day."

    Both interceptions came in Rams territory and led to Indy touchdowns.

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    Re: Rams' Bulger puts positive spin on injury

    Oh Bulger, I admire the spirit, but sit your butt down.

    I think Martin will be much better than Chandler. Maybe we should even give Fitz some snaps out there depending upon what the score is. We might as well use this opportunity to see what kind of backups we have.

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    Re: Rams' Bulger puts positive spin on injury

    I know Marc doesn't want to sit out. But suffering injuries twice around the same period at the same area is serious, look at Chad Pennington's case for example.

    We really need to win the next 2 games, especially the Saints since they are as bad as ours recently. I hope the entire offense, in fact, the entire team can step up and make some big plays. One D fumble or INT can make a huge impact to the game.
    The Greatest Show on Turf

    ! Best offense ever !

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    tim Guest

    Re: Rams' Bulger puts positive spin on injury

    Quote Originally Posted by morgetha
    look at Chad Pennington's case for example.
    yah but a sprained AC joint isn't exactly a torn rotator cuff. he'll be fine.

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    Re: Rams' Bulger puts positive spin on injury

    I think we will need Bulger vs. the Jags. What good will it do to have him come back to play seattle if they don't win the next two games...

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    Re: Rams' Bulger puts positive spin on injury

    Hey everyone. Let's think positive. I know Jamie Martin is no Moses. But we have options with Fritz. Coach Vitt seemed more in control of this team. And the 17-0 early lead was impressive. Yea I know it was Bulger doing the work. But if Martin can come out just like Marc. We might have a good chance to win. Remember the last thing we need is another lost to the Saints. They are in the same boat. They are looking for a win.
    Steven Jackson and Marshall Faulk have to be used more in the running game. Especially since they do not have a healthy back. If Coach Vitt can get them fired up we win both games before the bye. This is a home game and we play pretty well at home.


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