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Thread: Rams Camp?

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    Rams Camp?

    Ok I am 22 years old and i wanted to know if you have a college football background, if you could attend rams minicamp and try to sign on with the team, you see I was a real good CB when I played at tennessee chattanooga, i led the team in tackles interceptions and touchdowns, so i was wondering if you guys had any imformation.

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    Re: Rams Camp?

    I would imagine you'd have to be invited.

    If you're 22 though, why does your age say 20?

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    Rampage39 Guest

    Re: Rams Camp?

    Hey you went to the same school as TO.

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    Re: Rams Camp?

    Yes you can as a free agent. You just have to convince an NFL team to bring you in. Or have a relative that knows somebody with pull on the team as in my case.


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