Rams Center Scott Wells on KMOX Radio with Kevin Wheeler (10:32)

**Health? It’s been a normal offseason for me….I’m healthy…not rehabbing from anything…been able to run…getting ready to deal with the heat….this offseason has allowed me to get back to 100%. I’m excited to see where this team is going.

**Continuity –Having the same staff and players two years in a row allows us to build on something….we laid a strong foundation last year and throughout this offseason I felt like we had a really strong OTA’s. I’m looking forward to taking that next step as a unit and transitioning it into some more wins.

**OL Chemistry? You have to have the same 5 out there as often as possible….we had a strong participation in the offseason…having the same 5 guys working with Sam
makes a big difference. The more reps you have together, the more comfortable you are…the more prepared you are for a game….the easier it is to make adjustments….you learn to read each others minds.

**Young Skill Players– They’ve done an outstanding job adding speed to the perimeter…Sam is excited and so are we….Any time you have guys who can make explosive plays, it opens up the offense…creates more options.

**OL As Cohesive Unit–We all help each other…If Harvey Dahl sees something that I’m doing that I may not have noticed, he will mention it to me….and vice versa…it’s really give and take.

**First Training Camp? I remember swimming in the playbook. I was just trying to learn my assignments….the key is know your playbook and know your responsibilities…if you know what
you’re supposed to do it allows you to relax and play football. Take one play at a time and do what you’re supposed to do and everything will be alright.

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