Hi Jim, What do you expect out of Kendricks this year? I hated the pick, then got excited in preseason last year, only to be dissappointed with his lame play during the year.
by massimo 8:25 AM yesterday

Kendricks has a chance to be a factor on offense. He clearly lost some confidence after some costly early drops, but a fresh start with a new staff would help. He obviously has some talent _ hopefully we'll see more of it this season
by jthomas 8:27 AM yesterday

Jim, were you surprised by the Pead selection? I was. I thought L Miller would go well before him. Maybe Fisher sees a little CJ in him? I think Rams got too cute moving down and then missing out on linebackers they were considering.
by massimo 8:28 AM yesterday

Who knows? Had the right linebacker been there, maybe the Rams don't take Pead. But it's clear Fisher wanted a change-of-pace back to complement Jackson's speed and power. Pead definitely has some still although he's not as fast as Chris Johsnon.
by jthomas 8:29 AM yesterday

Speaking of linebackers, it seems that the Hawaii kid has less buzz than the other rookie free agents (Brown and Hoffman Ellis). Who do you see playing alongside JL?
by massimo 8:30 AM yesterday

Right now I'd say Jo-Lonn Dunbar at weakside and Mario Haggan at strongside. With some of the younger guys starting out as backups and special teams players. But a lot can happen between now and Sept. 9.
by jthomas 8:31 AM yesterday

Am I the only one that does not want to break the bank on Long and JL. They are good players...not sure they are great. go rams. Seems its just you and me today Jim, sorry.
by massimo 8:32 AM yesterday

Yeah, but how many "great" players do the Rams have? They are durable cornerstone players on this defense. Besides, the Rams should have plenty of cap room in 2013 _ not that that means they should just throw money at players.
by jthomas 8:33 AM yesterday

Which of our draft choices have not yet signed?
by Jack 8:33 AM yesterday

Seven of the 10 have signed. Still unsigned are CB Janoris Jenkins, CB Trumaine Johnson and WR Brian Quick.
by jthomas 8:34 AM yesterday

Jim, Do the Rams have a number one WR this year.
by mingo 8:34 AM yesterday

It's probably Danny Amendola.
by jthomas 8:34 AM yesterday

Jim: I am still fretting about the Rams letting Brown go. I guess that this year is as good a time as any to look at a rookie PK.
by CuriousGeorge 8:34 AM yesterday

I know what you mean. Sometimes you don't really know what you have in a place-kicker or punter, until you don't have one that can consistently do they job. And I know Brown missed more kicks that usual last year, but he was still pretty reliable.
by jthomas 8:36 AM yesterday

Hey Jim I was wondering how much of j jenkins you've seen? I read an article that made him sound very intelligent in regards to football and wondered if that seemed to be translating to what youve seen?
by willywawa 8:36 AM yesterday

I haven't seen too much of him, because of some off time I've had lately. But his skill is pretty obvious _ you can tell even by watching how smooth his back pedal is.
by jthomas 8:38 AM yesterday

Danny Amendola a No.1 WR. WOW! I see where you are coming from when you ask how many "great" players do the Rams have...
by Half empty 8:38 AM yesterday

Well, eventually it figures to be either Quick or Givens. But it's very unusual for rookie wideouts to step right in and excel. Who knows. Maybe a healthy Steve Smith will surprise us.
by jthomas 8:39 AM yesterday

Hi Jim sorry I'm late but please, Give us the three most intriguing players to watch in camp ?
by Bluefish 8:39 AM yesterday

With so much turnover this offseason, I think there will be more than 3. You could start just about anywhere. Jason Smith on the offensive line. Quick and Givens at wide receiver. Kendricks at wide receiver. Langford at DT. Quinn as a full-time end. Several of the undrafted rookies. It will be an interesting training camp.
by jthomas 8:41 AM yesterday

Brand out a bit? I mean we need all the help we can get from a home crowd at the Ed, I fear the game in London may end up being more a home game for the Pats,
knowing uk fans as I do.
by Tom 8:42 AM yesterday

There may be more Patriots fans than Rams fans. But it's not like it would be if the team was playing in Foxorough. I don't see a problem with giving up one home game for the experience of playing in London. Three home games? that's a different matter.
by jthomas 8:43 AM yesterday

Any word on why Wells hasn't been at OTA? Is he injured? Or just a season vet who doesn't need practice with his new team?
by 4Rams4Life 8:44 AM yesterday

I believe Wells had his knee 'scoped. Nothing major.
by jthomas 8:45 AM yesterday

Hi Jim. Haven't heard much about the late round RB drafted kid Richardson. Do you have any observations to make?
by Rewddawg 8:45 AM yesterday

The litte I've seen of him, he looks pretty quick and shifty. I think he has the potential to be a good pass cather as well.
by jthomas 8:45 AM yesterday

Do you think Quinn is ready to be the fulltime starter? He made some plays last year, but don't remember him standing out too much.
by Paul 8:46 AM yesterday

The big question is run defense. Can he hold up _ and hold the edge _ play in, play out at 260-265? He played about half the snaps on defense last season, and to me showed promise as a pass rusher.
by jthomas 8:47 AM yesterday

How are Scott Smith and Matt Conrath doing? They seem to fit the tall profile the new regime likes.
by Bucky 8:47 AM yesterday

Again, I haven't seen the last two weeks of OTAs but I think the coaches like what they'vev seen from Conrath so far. But it's hard to draw firm conclusions anyway based on practices in shorts and shirts without pads and with very limited contract.
by jthomas 8:49 AM yesterday

Jim: Can you really tell much about a player during OTA's and minicamps? The real measure of a mans heart is when he straps on the pads and takes an opponent on for real. I guess what I'm saying is that there are training camp athletes and then there are gamers.
by CuriousGeorge 8:50 AM yesterday

There certainly are. For example, some wide receivers look all-world cathing the ball in the spring, but aren't as bold going over the middle after they get whacked a couple times in pads going over the middle.
by jthomas 8:51 AM yesterday

Not to much has been said about Trumaine Johnson, were is the best fit for him in the Rams secondary, do you see him being moved to safety?
by Bluefish 8:51 AM yesterday

I don't think there are any plans to move Johnson to safety.
by jthomas 8:51 AM yesterday

Who are your choices
by Danielb3223 8:51 AM yesterday
Can you check back with me in October?
by jthomas 8:52 AM yesterday

What is Billy D doing these days. Spags was at the forefront, taking his lumps, but it seemed like Billy disappeared the second half of the season.
by Paul 8:52 AM yesterday

I don't know about Billy disappearing. Maybe he did less radio, but I talked with him about once a week all season. As for what he's up to these days _ I'm not sure. I tried to reach him a couple times after he was fired, but never hooked up.
by jthomas 8:54 AM yesterday

Jim Do you think the Rams need to bring in another quality offensive tackle before the season starts. I have no faith in our starters...none..
by DeaconCrazyLegs 8:57 AM yesterday

There's no doubt the Rams are taking a little bit of a gamble with Jason Smith. We'll have to see how it pans out.
by jthomas 8:58 AM yesterday

Any chance of big news by Friday or is arbitation inevitable?
by Craig 8:58 AM yesterday

This thing has been headed to arbitration from the start.
by jthomas 8:58 AM yesterday

Do you see the trend of the NFL continuing to be a passing league, or will defenses adjust and catch up the next few years. If passing trend continues, do you think the fisher run first philosophy will become outdated?
by Paul 8:58 AM yesterday

Interesting question. There are still some run-first teams. . .NY Jets, Chicago, and I presume _ the Rams _ all come to mind. But I see the trend continuing towards a passing league, spreading the field, etc.
by jthomas 9:00 AM yesterday

Is the media allowed at minicamp today?
by Ben Spann 9:00 AM yesterday

by jthomas 9:00 AM yesterday

Any chance the Rams still add more free agents ?
by Bluefish 9:00 AM yesterday

You never stop looking.
by jthomas 9:01 AM yesterday

Jim: With the NFL coming down hard on the Saints for bountygate all NFL teams need to watch their P's & Q's. There is no doubt that the Saints put a bounty on key players and are being punished for it. Where do you draw the line between being aggressive and trying to injure? This is a man's game and hard hitting is demanded.
by CuriousGeorge 9:01 AM yesterday

I think it's pretty clear-cut. Violent hits will always be a part of the game. You just can't offer bounties for knocking out players.
by jthomas 9:02 AM yesterday

Do you see the rams being here by the start of the 2015 season.
by Josh 9:02 AM yesterday

Yes. But they could play here on a year-to-year lease for a while.
by jthomas 9:03 AM yesterday

What are your expectations for the rams this year compared to last year i honestly see them going 11-5 coming out of the nfc.
by Jeff 9:05 AM yesterday

I think my opening "parade meter" was at five victories.
by jthomas 9:05 AM yesterday

so JT, do you think the rams will go after chad ochocinco?
by jrberendzen 9:07 AM yesterday

by jthomas 9:07 AM yesterday

Hi, Jim did you have a good vacation? Recharged for the upcoming season?
by Jason 9:08 AM yesterday

I'lll be ready by late July.
by jthomas 9:08 AM yesterday

Hi jim, I know its a little late for hindsight, but why do you think that the rams didn't use one of the first round picks they will have in the future for Mike Wallace of Pittsburg.
by sciipo 9:10 AM yesterday

I don't think Pittsburgh really wanted to move Wallace.
by jthomas 9:11 AM yesterday

How do you think the playing time will be distributed between Steven Jackson and Isaiah Pead? And do you have any updates on the Rams visit with FB Ovie Mughelli?
by Not An STL Homer 9:14 AM yesterday

This is strictly a guess at this point. But ideally, you'd think the Rams would use Pead on third downs and to spell Jackson occasionally for a series. How that translates into carries and touches obviously remains to be seen.
by jthomas 9:18 AM yesterday

Do you think maybe the Rams knew something the rest of us didn't by not going hard after Blackmon in light of his DUI?
by SentientSix 9:18 AM yesterday

Given some of the other players the Rams have drafted, I doubt it.
by jthomas 9:19 AM yesterday

Wes Kemp got cut yesterday would the rams sign him, JT?
by jrberendzen 9:19 AM yesterday

Doubt it. Because they didn't show much interest in him during the pre-draft process.
by jthomas 9:20 AM yesterday

Jim I must tell you I really didn't like this new format of yours at first, But it has grown on me and it works really well, Do you get the credit for the idea or some other benevolent powers ?
by Bluefish 9:20 AM yesterday

I had nothing to do with the format. But glad it has grown on you.
by jthomas 9:22 AM yesterday

Having a 3rd OC in as many years, are you worried about Bradford turning into Alex Smith?
by Paul 9:22 AM yesterday

There certainly will be an adjustment process, but I think Bradford had more talent coming out than Smith.
by jthomas 9:24 AM yesterday

How good of a chance is it the rams stay in st.louis are u optimistic.
by Kevin 9:24 AM yesterday

I'm still at 60-40 that they stay.
by jthomas 9:24 AM yesterday

Would the Rams be intrested in Aaron Kampman?
by jrberendzen 9:25 AM yesterday

With rare exception, they've stayed away from the aging veterans in free agency so I would doubt it.
by jthomas 9:26 AM yesterday

Non-Rams question... what do you think of Darrelle Revis potentially holding out a second time during the same contract, or Forte and Brees refusing to sign franchise tenders? Didn't we get this all ironed out with the new CBA last year?
by @steve_strinni 9:26 AM yesterday

Don't have much sympathy for Revis. But Forte and Brees _ that's a different matter. They are not under contract and it's part of the negotiating process. Remember those training camps that Orlando Pace missed?
by jthomas 9:28 AM yesterday

JT, if they go year to year, how could they keep a substantial fan base if there's a chance they could leave the year after? Thanks
by Justin 9:29 AM yesterday

If they're winning or at least showing improvement, I think the fans will come.
by jthomas 9:29 AM yesterday

Have you ever heard what the revenue figures are for the Edward Jones Dome both direct and indirect? It's hard to determine whether the facility is a debt burden or revenue producer.
by onemoreramfan 9:31 AM yesterday

If the team is winning and the stands are filled, the revenue streams are fine at the Edward Jones Dome. Enough to bring in the kind of money that the stadiums in Dallas, Washington, New England bring in? Certainly not. But that as much a factor being able to charge more for tickets, club seats, and luxury suites in those markets because of a larger corporate presence. Remember, the issue here is the first-tier clause in the contract. As for the overall question of whether the dome is a money-maker, I'm not sure.
by jthomas 9:34 AM yesterday

Hi Jim, I know the Rams are running Greg Williams deffense but do you think they will be as aggressive in the in game play calling as Greg Williams was?
by Jason 9:35 AM yesterday

An interesting thought. It's hard to imagine any coach being as aggressive as Williams.
by jthomas 9:35 AM yesterday

I know Fischer is known for being aggressive in the preseason. Does this mean more playing time for Bradford, Jackson etc.
by Craig 9:36 AM yesterday

Based on his approach to OTAs and minicamp, I would say no.
by jthomas 9:37 AM yesterday

Of all the new WR's, Chris Givens seems to have the speed and route running ability to effective this year. Has he been matched up with Finnegan or Jenkins at camp yet? Has Sam been throwing to him, I got to believe he appreciates somebody with breakaway speed.
by Jared 9:37 AM yesterday

I haven't seen enough of Givens to give you a hard and fast analysis. But he has been matched up against Jenkins from the first day of rookie minicamp.
by jthomas 9:39 AM yesterday

Like many others, I am concerned by the OLB positions. At WR I keep reading about guys making plays there and the healthy level of competition taking place. I haven't read anything about OLBs making plays or anything about competition. Should I be concerned about this, or just be patient and wait for the pads to come on and the hitting to start? I was just worried that no news is bad news. Thanks.
by Buzz 9:41 AM yesterday

Buzz, it's simply too early to tell.
by jthomas 9:41 AM yesterday

Thanks jim for taking my question. With the additions of our new free agents, draft picks, coaches, scheme etc... do you believe we have closed the gap on the rest of the division? It seems that as we get stronger the other teams in our divison seem to be getting stronger as well. What do you think? Thanks
by PRIMETIME 9:42 AM yesterday

Once again, San Francisco looks like it's capable of competing for a Super Bowl berth, so I don't think the Rams have closed the gap on them. The ***** spent a good portion of their offseason stockpiling skill position talent _ I think they realize to reach the Super Bowl they may have to wini a shootout with New Orleans or Green Bay. Arizona and Seattle look like they've gotten better as well _ but have those teams addressed their quarterback issues? The Rams may be improved this season _ perhaps noticeably better _ but I think they need another year or two of good drafts and quality free agents. (And that's assuming that most of their moves this offseason work out, which we can't really say at this point.)
by jthomas 9:49 AM yesterday

any chance s jax gets one more big contract?
by danny 9:50 AM yesterday

He'd be 30 by the end of this contract, so he would be bucking the odds.
by jthomas 10:05 AM yesterday

That's all for this week. Thanks for your questions.