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    raiderhater Guest

    Cool Rams/chiefs

    I was just wondering how you Rams fans really feel about Dick Vermeil being in Kansas City and the fact that he took Tony Horne and Trent Green with him. I mean does this really piss you off or could you really care less. Just seems like this a good border war going on there now. Too bad you guys don't play each other every year.

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    I have met both Dick Vermiel and his wife. They are both lovely people.

    My first thought when he went to the Chiefs was *&% but I got over that very quick. I am still pissed at how underhand it all was though.

    As for Green. This is a class guy and he deserved to play as a starter somewhere. I hope he does well with the Chiefs and that he is treated well.

    Horne is a player who can be electric . .... normally when he is smoking the gangi

    I hope both team get out of this game with no injuries and they can come out fresh for the season opener.

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    raiderhater Guest
    I agree with you on how underhanded the whole Vermeil thing was. I mean from a Chief fans point of view, Gunther Cunningham may not have been the right man to lead the team, but he deserved to be treated better than he was. I mean he found out about the Vermeil hiring while he was working at his office. The Chiefs were talking to Vermeil while Cunningham was still the coach and that was wrong.
    I believe Trent Green will have a great season and I hope Horne can add some excitement to our special teams, they were terrible last year.
    I'm with you, I hope no one gets hurt in this game, opening day is coming soon.
    Good luck to the Rams this season.

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    14darams Guest
    I could care less about DV in KC, I liked DV as a coach but some of his decisions were poor, it wasnt until he was forced to rid himself of Tony Banks that he was a success. He seemed to get high on some players even though they screwed him over (banks, Phillips) I Liked Green as a person, but felt he did seem to hang on to the ball too long, and always seemed to miss the Crucial 3rd and long. Horne would have missed if Cason hadn't come along, and Peter Guinta Good Ridance! Al Saunders??? That one could be a factor.

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    Blankman17 Guest


    I'm not too into the KC/Rams storyline w/ Vermeil and all. I think it's more something to create more interest in the game, myself.

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    Vermeil brought us a Super Bowl, and he will always have a place in every Rams fan heart, no matter how you actually feel. Folks, he won a Super Bowl. For us. Thank you sir. And as for Trent Green, he was on fire with this offense prior to getting hurt. I think he had only missed three passes in the first two preseason games, 14-17 if I remember. Trent took what happened to him as classy as anyone could. No Rams fan should even have a hint of hatred toward Trent Green. We should only wish him the best, because he deserves the chance to start. He is a hometown boy, you know he is crushed to the circumstances that happened. However, he never took anything away from Kurt Warner, and I really admire him for that. I honestly can say I admire both men. Now, as for Horne , the guy is awesome. He is so exciting to watch on the KOR, and I hope he succeeds also at KC. You know who I didn't like? Gunther, and now he is gone. It's tough to hate them now. lol

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    I will always admire Vermeil.He was strange sometimes,but that was part of his appeal.He was /is a warm and caring individual and I hope he gets a good reception in St.Louis Friday.Green is a good quarterback.Period.I hope he has a good season.I hated that we lost Horne.I think we will be fine without him,but he sure was fun to watch.As for the Chiefs,I have never liked them,but I hope they do well for Dick and Trents sake.

    GO RAMS!

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    Rams13 Guest
    I don't make a big deal over the DV situation at all. I just look at is as it was a great season in 1999 with him here and they are memories that can never be replaced. He is gone now and we still have a great team and have a great chance to make a run at it this year. So I wish him all the best in KC and now it's time to look forward and hopefully bring another Super Bowl trophy to St. Louis.

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