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It was Arrelious Benn i believe that ripped off Dockery's helmet. It should have been some form of penalty. Hands to the face, facemask, offensive pass interferance. Something!

I feel sorry for Dockery though, he needs to sort out those chin straps! This is the second time in what seems like as many games that his helmet has come off, and last time he ended up with a big gash on his head as a result!
Yeah i know i like dockery but man fix your helmet ahaha and ok thanks I did not realize they had benn ! I feel the rams will be in good shape next year right now their rebuilding there seeing who the weakest and the strongest are cause right now cutting is not a choice of the rams because they need all the help they can get. I would also like to say Laurent Robinson will not be a ram next year guarenteed I really! like there TE's i mean every single one of them is good and 2 of them have the chance to be great its good to know on 3rd and 8 bradford can throw a short pass to Bajema and he can fight for the first he did that two times against the bucs impressive i have to say and daniel fells!!!! HOLY Crap didnt he lead our team in TD's last year haha. He had two in the packers game last year that we should have won but heres the thing we got all these tight ends we need to use them more because sam on sunday. I dont know what it was but i felt he couldnt stand the pressure and was hurrying to throw it away but maybe you put like Hoomanawanui and Onobun in on one play that might turn out pretty well. I also got to say i like the looks of Toston hes a 2nd effort player he got nailed by ronde behind the line of scrimmage and was able to recover and bull through for about 6 and a first down which actually kept the drive that sam through the TD to Hoomanawanui alive dont count out Toston or the TE's were looking good and were going to prove last game was a fluke!