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    Re: Rams collapse in 2nd half and lose to Seahawks 23-20; The Good, the bad and the u

    Quote Originally Posted by SFCRamFan View Post
    Thanks as usual for suffering through another gruesome analysis. This group of clowns are incapable of finishing or adjusting. Call in ServPro and clean it all up. Clean house and start over, then we can look back and say it was like it never happened...

    As SFC said, thanks GC, for having gone through another painstaking analysis of a defeat. I thought we would win this one, even if it did look bleaker as the 2nd half ticked away.

    It get's uglier when we call ourselves clowns but that's the true, sad description.

    Also, to clean house is the one primordial quest. An immediate, urgent need. Perhaps we'll find another good and fortunate draft pick like Avery, who has proven to be that, a find, totally unexpected.

    Getting back to GCs' G-B-U: besides the blitzes that the Rams D were harrasing the Sawks with in the 1st half, I enjoyed that excellent H I T by Bartell!
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    Re: Rams collapse in 2nd half and lose to Seahawks 23-20; The Good, the bad and the u

    Thanks GC for a good recap of an awful game. As stated by others, the silver lining is that we improved or drafting position by losing to the 'Hags, plus the victory by Cincinnati puts us at #2 according to my limited knowledge.

    This sets us up to select Andre Smith out of AL, providing he opts for the NFL. According to draft "gurus" it seems that Smith is the only OT worthy of a top 5 pick.

    The housecleaning will also come, which is another byproduct of our lousey performance. Sayonara Haslett!

    Go Rams!

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