NFL Europe Diary, Jeremy Carter
Friday, February 17, 2006

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By Jeremy Carter - Exclusive Content

Ramsí WR Jeremy Carter will update fans on his progress with the Frankfurt Galaxy with a diary from NFL Europe. Carter, an undrafted free agent signed by the Rams in 2005, is in his first NFL Europe season and is one of three Rams allocated to NFL Europe, joining WR Brandon Middleton (Rhein Fire) and RB Fred Russell (Cologne Centurions).

When I left St. Louis, there was a feeling like, well; Iím going back to another training camp, time to get ready. I canít say that I was excited, only because training camp is pretty rough on your body, but I was looking forward to the overall experiences. I just wanted to get it going. Coming into camp I expected there to be a lot of people, but I didnít expect as many people as there were on the first day. It was pretty much what I imagined it would be. They did more on physicals than I thought they would. I had to go for two MRIís, and I thought I was in pretty good shape, so I guess they (NFL Europe) must have been covering their bases. I had PCL (posterior cruciate ligament) tears in both of my knees (while in college), so thatís why I had the MRIs. I guess they just wanted to make sure I was good to go. I wasnít nervous about not being cleared to play because I had just had a physical before I left St. Louis. I figured if the St. Louis Rams cleared me, I could get cleared by any team.

Passing camp went really well. It was good to be able to get back out there and knock off the rust from not having done it for a month. Right now Iím trying to fight through all the soreness and stiffness that comes with the first few days of training camp. Once I get through that I feel like everything will go very smoothly. The level of play is competitive. Some guys are stronger in certain areas than others. Itís similar to the Ramsí camp. The coaching staff is great. I like Coach Jones (Galaxy head coach Mike Jones). I like that heís laid back and not an in-your-face type of coach. Some people respond better to that in your face type of coaching, but I donít. Coach Jones is laid back but at the same time you donít take him lightly at all. You can tell when heís serious. I appreciate the fact that Coach Jones and Coach Jordan (Galaxy offensive coordinator Ronald 'Whitey' Jordan) didnít make their offense too complex. Coming from an offense like the St. Louis Rams, I know what its like to have to stay up late at night just to get a grasp on the plays that are going to be run the next day. Here I donít have to do that but the offense still seems effective. Weíve only gone against the defense once so far but we looked pretty good for it to be the first day against defense. Gelling with the quarterbacks is very important. It will give our passing game the best chance of being effective.

So far I think itís going really well. Everything is coming right along. The only thing different is that I just got moved from the ĎXí to the ĎZí position. This means that Iíll be going in motion a little bit more than before. With motioning, itís easier to get off the line, so it should be alright. Itís something new. I started off as a ĎZí with the Rams, but then they moved me to the ĎXí within a month. I donít expect to have any problems. I just want to get on the field and produce for my team.

Iím excited about playing for the Galaxy. I feel like this will be a good opportunity to learn the game. I plan on using this opportunity to really work on the weakest parts of my game. Iíve only heard good things about Europe so I canít wait to go across that water.