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    []Nicks Notes: Monday Feb. 20th

    Monday Afternoon
    Monday, February 20, 2006

    - The combine starts this week and so, too, does the tweaking and changing of every NFL roster. Of course, some will turn over more than others, but it should be an interesting offseason. As for where the Rams stand, things are beginning to become a little more clear. Some of the outrageous rumors have been sufficiently snuffed. Here's what we know as of now: Marc Bulger is the quarterback (just say no on Daunte Culpepper, not happening). The Rams want Adam Archuleta back (does he want them and can they afford him are the more appropriate questions). The Rams need help in almost all areas of the defense (with special attention to cornerback and linebacker). Scott Linehan and Co. would like to upgrade the tight end position. There's a priority to add help at areas of need through free agency, meaning defensive end and cornerback will be targeted spots.

    - It's interesting to note that Linehan made a point of saying that the Rams will stack their board based on talent and then draft based on that, not necessarily on need. A year ago, they were fortunate in that Alex Barron filled a need and was probably the most talented player on the board at the time. This year, the Rams might not be so lucky. Things will change dramatically between now and the draft in April, but the Rams are lucky in that two of the positions they need the most help for (tight end and linebacker) also happen to be two of the draft's deepest spots. Defensive coordinator Jim Haslett will have a lot of say in the way this draft and what happens in free agency goes down. Clearly, the majority of the needs are on defense and that is going to be Haslett's area to work. He will have sufficient freedom to make decisions with the input and help of the rest of the staff.

    - Although only he knows what he is going to do, it certainly is starting to look like running back Marshall Faulk will return for another season. He has met with Linehan and the staff on a number of occasions and even sat in with Bulger and the staff last week to discuss the playbook. Part of that is Faulk wanting to get to know the staff and how it operates, but it's also a good move on Linehan's part to acknowledge Faulk's cerebral approach to the game and appeal to his leadership skills to help formulate an offensive attack.

    - Bulger seemed truly excited about the fresh start with Linehan and the opportunity to have more input into what the offense is doing. It remains to be seen how much say he will have on gamedays as far as calling audibles and changing things at the line, but his input combined with Linehan's creative offensive mind should make for an exciting, yet balanced offensive attack.

    - Expect the defensive line coach spot to be filled at any moment. It seems that Linehan would like to add a younger coach to the defensive staff, meaning he will likely turn to an up and comer from the college ranks. He has spoken with a candidate from Fresno State and was scheduled to meet with two more candidates today. A decision could be made sooner than later and it wouldn't be too soon to get it done considering the combine is upon us.

    - That's all for now. I'll be in Indianapolis later this week with plenty of news and notes from the combine. Until then...

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    Re: []Nicks Notes: Monday Feb. 20th

    Great summary. Big items missing from the list

    -status of pickett situation
    -status on bruce situation
    -status on butlers knee
    -status of kennedys hernia
    -status, both mentally and physically, of incognito
    -physical status of timmerman
    -which restricted free agents are we going to tender and at what price (including will be try to sign anyone longer term, ie curtis)
    -will massey be back or do we get another long snapper
    -is dexter coakley done

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: []Nicks Notes: Monday Feb. 20th

    When I first say this thread title, I thought you had posted something of mine. LOL

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    Re: []Nicks Notes: Monday Feb. 20th

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick
    When I first say this thread title, I thought you had posted something of mine. LOL
    You are big a time Nick when you don't have to post here and RF16 posts your articles.


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