Interim Head Coach Joe Vitt

(On the passing of former Rams’ WR Jack Snow)

“Our whole organization right now is grieving the loss of
Jack Snow. I talked to Stephanie, his daughter, this
morning. He passed last night in the arms of his family. He
was taken off of all artificial resuscitations and had a
smile on his face. Stephanie was very positive and upbeat
this morning about the life of her father. Jack leaves a
great legacy in the National Football League as a player. He
leaves a great legacy in the Rams organization as a friend.
We’re all going to miss him very dearly.”

(On Snow being a link between the Los Angeles and St. Louis

“There is no question about it. He has spent his entire life
being a member of this organization. He spent his whole life
being a member of the National Football League. I thought
that he really felt that it was his responsibility to teach
the young guys what their role is now in the National
Football League, that they are now a role model for the
youth. Now it’s their turn. It’s their turn to carry the
torch. I think anybody that comes into the National Football
League, it’s up to us to teach our young players who paved
the way for them, and Jack Snow was one of those guys.”

(On Snow letting everyone know just how good he was when he

“Oh, there’s no question, and the older he got, the better he
got. That was Jack. He never let the truth get in the way
of a good story. That’s what made him special. Jack was a
great, great player in this league. He was a guy that went
out and earned his respect. He just loved being around our
young players. He loved representing this organization. He
loved representing the National Football League.”

(On the Rams being one of the only organizations to have a
man like Snow around)

“No, and you talk about this particular organization, you
talk about guys like Tank Younger, and Merlin Olsen and
Deacon Jones, and people like that. Jack Snow is up with
those names, and Jack Snow dedicated his life to being with
this organization and representing it on the street,
representing it in the community, and this organization is
very proud of him.”

(On Snow’s sense of humor)

“Jack never took himself real seriously. He never did, as a
player or as a coach. There were great stories of him as a
player. I think Jack always had his priorities in line. His
family was always very, very important to him. Of course,
the University of Notre Dame was very important to him, and
the Rams were very important to him. He always had a smile
on his face. He always wanted to be around the young
players. He wanted to be around the game, wanted to be
around practice. I think he’s like a lot of us. When he was
around young players, it made him feel young, and he lived a
lot of his life vicariously through the players here.”

Wide Receivers Coach Henry Ellard

“You could not have known a more genuine guy that cared about
the organization and the things that it represented. He had
great knowledge of the game and the organization. He played
with the Rams for 11 years and I played 11 years so we had
the opportunity to compare that. He would always tell me
about his route running and how good he was, not in a
bragging way, but in a fun way. He had a great sense a humor
and always had a joke about something. He really cared about
the Rams—from the players on the field to everything that was
happening within the organization. He was legendary, and to
have known him was very special to me. You could not ask for
a more genuine person than Jack Snow. He cared about people
and we all cared about him.”

WR Isaac Bruce

(On former Rams' WR Jack Snow)

“First of all, I’m glad to have known Jack for the 12 years
that I have. I got to know him and his family, J.T.,
obviously. [His passing is] a big loss for the organization.
I think Jack inspired me in many ways. When I passed his
receiving record here, Coach [Al] Saunders did a great thing
as far as making up a ball for Mr. Snow, and getting it all
painted up. We all signed it and gave it over to Jack. So I
think that shows how big Jack is and was around this building
and this organization. He will truly be missed. I’ll miss
seeing him in training camps, just around the building,
running into him. He always had a gracious work for you, and
always supportive. He was always supportive of the Rams. He
is definitely a fixture in the Rams organization forever.
His picture is up everywhere around here. We’re going to
miss him.”

(On the passing of former Rams' WR Jack Snow)

“It is very unfortunate, but I believe here in this
organization and in this building we’re going to be
celebrating the life of Jack Snow. Our heart goes out for
his family. We lot a friend here today and a big piece of
this organization.”

(On seeing highlights of Jack Snow’s career that Coach Ellard
showed to the WRs)

“Well, it wasn’t the first time I had seen it. Jack made
sure that I had seen it, probably once every training camp.
But, just some of the things that I saw Jack do on the
football field, you would never think it was the same guy,
and I always hounded him about it. But I would like to get
it on camera and everything, he did have a 17.5 [yards per
catch] receiving average; that he always reminded me that he
put together during his career in the NFL. He’s going to
truly be missed here; it unfortunate, but I have a lot of
great memories about Jack.”

(On whether he would say that Jack Snow was the face of the
Rams through the move from L.A.)

“I think he was. He was a guy that had made a name for
himself back in Los Angeles, and when we made the move here
in ’95, he came along with us. I was just telling a couple
of guys in the training room that we have a lot of pictures
around here of Jack Snow in the old uniforms. He’s that link
between Los Angeles and St. Louis. We’ll definitely miss

T Orlando Pace

(On how it will feel not seeing Jack Snow at Rams Park)

“It will be tough. I know from the offensive line’s
standpoint, Jack was a part of a lot of our walk-throughs.
He hung with some of us guys on the offensive line during the
course of practice. We always enjoyed having him at

(On what he will remember most about Jack Snow)

“Every time you talked to him, at some point in the
conversation you’re going to smile and laugh, and he’s going
to say something funny. We always enjoyed having him in the
locker room and out at practice.”

(On whether the team was aware of how good Jack Snow was when
he was playing)

“Yeah, I know he mentioned that a couple times. We knew that
he had played for the Rams and Notre Dame. He always talked
about the Fighting Irish. It is just one of those things
that just in talking to him you always knew. He was always
going to have a good time and a good conversation.”

(On whether Jack would remind players of how good he was in
his time)

“I don’t know. I know he mentioned it a couple times. I
think he mainly talked to the receivers. We always would
joke with him about Notre Dame. He was happy that they were
doing well this year, because the last couple of years we
gave him a lot [of grief] about his Fighting Irish.”

(On whether Jack could dish it out)

“Yeah, he could, but he’d hit you with a few more back. We
always enjoyed that. We always had a good time. He made
practice fun and light for us, especially our walk-throughs
and times were he would be the defensive end [in the
walk-through]. We would always laugh and joke and have a
good time.”

(On how Jack Snow was a link between Rams’ history and the
current team)

“Yeah, I think so. I think the receivers really enjoyed
having him around. I know his and Isaac [Bruce]’s
relationship was very close. He always talked to the
receivers a lot also. Guys enjoyed having him around.”

(On how Jack has a good way of connected with younger

“Yeah, he did bridge that gap pretty well, and that’s one
thing that I think guys really took to Jack about because,
even though he played a while ago for the Rams, he could
still bridge that gap with the younger guys, the younger

WR Torry Holt

“I thought Jack Snow was a great man. He always had great
words to say about you as a player and person. I used to love
to go by his office and see him getting ready for game day.
He always had things we needed to do to win. Jack Snow will
be missed. I loved when he got dressed up; he was a sight to
see. We will miss you Mr. Snow. We thank you for what you
brought to the game and our lives. May he rest in peace.”