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    Re: Rams to Contenders: Make us an offer!

    Funny you should mention it. From

    Sep 30, 2008 05:22 PM CDT
    Broncos interested in Little?
    The News

    The Denver Broncos may have kicked the tires in talks about St. Louis Rams defensive end Leonard Little, according to Mike Klis of the Denver Post.

    Our View

    Little (who Klis mistakenly called "Larry"), is finally healthy and amassed two sacks Sunday against Buffalo. The Rams' defense is completely different with him in the lineup, and it is doubtful they would trade him before the October 16th deadline.

    This space for rent...

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    Re: Rams to Contenders: Make us an offer!

    I agree with most of Ramblin Ram's untouchable list.

    I think the jury's still out on Atogwe, Bartell, and Spoon. I like them all but that's why they'd make good trade bait & I don't think they are as difficult to replace with immediate impact players.Not as difficult as a LOT or QB, for instance.

    I'd add Donnie Jones and Josh Brown & Gary Stills. How much worse would these last four beatings have been without them?

    Overall depth built through several sound drafts helps STs,of course, but specialists like this could help build a foundation of strength in that 3rd phase we've neglected for a while.

    You can put either Pace or Barron on the block but not both,imho.

    Caligirl, no one in Whiner country could fathom letting Rice go,either, but it was the failure of the organization to keep TO happy that ruined their WR corps,along with bad drafts esp at QB and WR. Again, it depends on how the new kids pan out this year-hopefully injuries won't keep us from getting to assess them-before I'd say we could get value for trading Torry.

    It's an interesting discussion but I disagree with the OP's premise that we can do anything concrete until we know who is holding the purse strings.

    Leave freakin' Zygmunt in a corner doing sudoku,not making decisions for our future.

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    Re: Rams to Contenders: Make us an offer!

    Let's get rid of Jackson while we are at it. Look at all the recent Super Bowl winners they did it with out a franchise back. Let's build a young hungry o-line that the Easter Bunny could hop through. It's a team sport..let's build a team..based on a strategy that allows us to use players that fit our system that we don't have to draft in the 1st 2 rounds

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    Re: Rams to Contenders: Make us an offer!

    I say keep the contributors from this and last years Draft Class, the rest are either traded or cut, totally clean fricken house get the GOUT OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! and start fresh. Send the scouts that work for us and the front office peeps that draft the players (that have been mostly duds in the last 10 years) out so fast they dont know if they are coming are going. For this to happen though the team needs to be SOLD, as it shows that having a WINNING Team Died LONG ago. It seems the owners think of this team as family member that they dont want anyone to know about. Please sell the team to someone who has some passion and loves the team in which they own, hell i dont care if the team moves to MARS, as long as the Organization from top 2 bottom shows that it WANTS TO WIN and trys everything it can to do so.

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