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    Rams could draft better by using Faulk in front office

    By Bernie Miklasz

    On the set of the NFL Network show, "Total Access," analyst Marshall Faulk is enduring a lot of taunting over the state of his former team, the 0-5 Rams.

    "It's painful," Faulk said. "But it's harder for the guys who are there, playing. They're hurting. Without a doubt, it's a bad situation. Who wants to be, after Week Five, start talking about next year? It's early. I hope they find a way to turn it around. But they have so many injuries and that's tough to overcome in this league."

    The Rams also are short on personnel for another reason: too many mistakes in the draft and free agency. I've written it before, and I'll continue to campaign: Faulk can be a big help to the Rams' front office. He's the smartest football player I've covered, and he has a real eye for spotting talented players, and intelligent and instinctive players.

    "When the time is right, the situation will present itself and I'll be available for it," Faulk said. "But the timing has to be right. I'm enjoying learning about this part of it (television). But when the time is right, I will be prepared for it. And we'll see how it goes."

    Faulk said that his work for the NFL Network is providing an education in that he's able observe the best (and the worst) ways to run a football team.

    "I get an opportunity to see the dynamics of each and every organization," Faulk said. "I get to see how things work. And how teams have come to be what they are. I get to talk to all these guys. I go to the NFL owners meetings and meet the GMs, the coaches, the presidents and the owners of these teams. You get to learn things about the business. As a player, you have no clue about how it's done at that level."

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    Re: Rams could draft better by using Faulk in front office

    I see no evidence that Faulk's on the field greatness would transfer to a player personnel role.

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    Re: Rams could draft better by using Faulk in front office

    No doubt him working at NFL Network is helping him evaulate talent, and is a way of "training" I guess.
    I wouldn't hurt to have him in. If Carriker and Leonard turn out bad (which I fully believe they'll be good for us), then something would have to be done.

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