Matt Wing / Signal Staff Writer

Wednesday morning Josh Cummings was working out with the St. Louis Rams as an NFL kicker.
By Wednesday afternoon he was on his way back to Pittsburgh — living the life of the unemployed.
The former Hart High and College of the Canyons kicker was cut after just over a month with the team when the Rams decided to bring back Remy Hamilton, a five-year veteran of the Arena Football League, who was with the team during the 2005 preseason.
Hamilton was the 2005 AFL Kicker of the Year with the Los Angeles Avengers.
Cummings went to practice Wednesday morning and was lifting weights with the team when he was called up to the coach’s office where he was told the news.
His reaction: “I just wanted to know how I was getting home.”
The Rams wasted no time answering that question.
After the meeting, which took place around noon, Cummings was on a flight at 2:30 p.m. headed to Pittsburgh.
Cummings was offered the backup kicking position during training camp and the preseason by the Rams’ special teams coach Bob Ligashesky, just after the NFL Draft on April 30 — right in the middle of the kicker’s graduation ceremony from the University of Pittsburgh.
He participated in the Rams’ first rookie mini-camp on May 9-11 and another mini-camp May 16-18 before a full-squad mini-camp last week.
“There’s nothing more that I could have done (during the mini-camps),” Cummings said. “They thought (Hamilton) was going to get picked up by Dallas and didn’t so they brought him back.”
He was brought into St. Louis to take the majority of training camp and preseason kicks to lighten the load on veteran kicker Jeff Wilkins.
Cummings was told when he accepted the job offer that he would be eventually cut in favor of Wilkins, but it would have been a great opportunity to show off his talents for other NFL teams.
Now he hopes another team is willing to take a chance on him.
Nothing is lined up yet but Cummings is still pursuing an NFL kicking career.
“Right now I’m just talking with my agent to see where my options are and go from there,” Cummings said. “I haven’t really heard anything yet.”
Cummings has received other job offers outside of football, but will do whatever it takes to continue his kicking career — with anyone willing to take the chance.
“I’m going to keep trying to make a team,” Cummings said. “Even if it’s with an arena team. As long as I’m getting paid to kick a football, it doesn’t bother me.”