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    Tony Soprano Guest

    Ram's DEF 2005

    I'm getting of lot of the "it's only pre-season" responses.

    So, I looked up some stats ... Of course it's Pre-season for ALL NFL teams. Most teams focus and work and look for certain things in the Pre-season. Since the Rams DEF was so poor last year and it was only months ago (January) when we gave up 47 points to Atlanta in the playoffs - one would think the Rams and working and looking at the DEFENSE. After all, it's too late to find and repair your weaknesses in September (reg season).

    2005 Preseason Stats - There are only 2 teams that have allowed more yards than we have. SanFran and Houston (30th rush yards)

    We are allowing 5.5 yards per rush

    No team (tied for last) has allowed more rushing Touchdowns than we have.

    Martz is not trying to fool the world, he does NOT have a secret weapon. Rather,
    they are evaluating the team after every game and trying to make adjustments (see Archuleta). If the hold-all-your-cars theory was reality, then why announce to the press Archuleta was moving back? Why not spring it on the NFL Sept 11th when we unveil our Powerhouse Defense?

    This is what we got guys..

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    Re: Ram's DEF 2005

    Sure, it would be great to look solid in pre-season, but it's nothing to get too excited about if we don't. Pre-season stats don't mean anything and pre-season games count for nothing come regular season week one. If the defense struggles against the whiners and Cards to start the season, we can all get bent out of shape. Until then, we're just spinning our wheels.

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    Tony Soprano Guest

    Re: Ram's DEF 2005

    I disagree. NFL coaches DO CARE about how their Starters look against other NFL Starters. And if you're trying to improve a part of your team, you damn sure gauge it in the pre-season and modify it as necessary.

    I wouldn't be upset if Torry Holt was dropping balls in Pre-season. I wouldn't worry about Torry (ha).
    However, if the O-line can't block anyone or if your DEF can't stop anyone - ESP, if that was a pattern carried over
    from the previous season, well that's a ReD FlAG!


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    Re: Ram's DEF 2005

    I think Tx summed it up best when he said..."what do they call undefeated teams after preseason?.....0-0."

    Coaches use pre-season to shake rust off the starters, evaluate players on the bubble, and try to get through without getting anyone hurt. Past that, I can't imagine any of them caring one bit about the outcome.

    Did the run D look bad in San Diego? On two plays, yes they did. Is it anything to get that shook up about? Not by any means. Without those two mistakes that 5.5 ypc becomes 3.86, which moves us from 30th to 15th. And if we can maintain 3.86 ypc during the year (which would have been 10th in the league last year), our D will be fine.

    It's just a matter of correcting a couple of mistakes. It's not a reason to write off the entire season.

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    Tony Soprano Guest

    Re: Ram's DEF 2005

    I wouldn't write off the entire season, but I'd be shaking the trees on that DEF. Marmie would know this is his last chance, and those Linemen that have never progressed or showed up would be sitting down.

    Sept will be here soon enough and we'll see. We are 30th but SanFran is 32nd, so I look for us to score many points on Opening day.


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