(On how he has adjusted to the team)
Its going good. First of all, Ive got a great group of guys that Im with, a veteran staff, (Linebackers) Coach (Frank) Bush and (Secondary Coach) Chuck Cecil and (Defensive Line) Coach (Mike) Waufle. Those guys are very experienced guys so they made my adjustment pretty easy. Youve got a lot of leadership on the team with guys like (LB James) Laurinaitis, (DE) Chris Long and (CB) Cortland Finnegan. So they make the adjustment easy for me, the players and coaches. I knew some of the guys before I got here, so its been going good.

(On what the defensive meetings have been like and if everyone pitches their own ideas)
We have a lot of familiarity anyway from the connections that weve had. Its been an easy transition with that stuff, with terminology and everybody being on the same page. So, the adjustments have been relatively smooth.

(On LB Alec Ogletree and what hes seen from him so far)
We expect big things out of him. Hes a very talented young player that has a big upside. Hes picking up things very well. He has great athletic ability. Hes showing his football intelligence. Hes been able to pick up the schemes and been able to adapt and usually hes been making plays. Hes got his hands on some balls and things like that. Were pleased with him and look for big things from him this season.

(On the defenses terminology)
Were keeping a mixed bag of stuff. Some of the stuff we kept the same and then we have some things were tweaking a little bit. Offenses are ever evolving, so you have to do the same thing on defense. A lot of stuff will be a lot of carryover and youll just tweak some things here or there to fit some of the personnel weve got and then some of the teams that well play.

(On how similar the defensive terminology in Detroit is to that of St. Louis)
Very similar. Like I said, its a lot of carryover and thats whats made the adjustment pretty easy. Then having a great group of guys on the staff to work with thats very experienced, that makes the transition easier. So, the terminology and the language and that kind of stuff is an easy adjustment.

(On his expectations for the defensive line considering they lead the NFL in sacks last season)
Thatll be big and we expect the same type of results. Were going to try to do the same thing. Thats the strength of our defense. Those guys up front, who have depth up there, and were going to try to do things to compliment them because, obviously, offenses are going to try to not let them repeat that. Were going to keep it going. Obviously, those guys play hard. They chase the ball. Thats the thing we do. They play with great effort. We have 11 guys that chase the ball around here, so theyll help add to making that job easier for those guys to try to get to the quarterback.

(On if getting to the quarterback is especially important in the NFC West where there are quarterbacks with mobility)
No question. Its important that you can get pressure on them. The good thing that we have, we have a front four that can do it. We have depth at that position. Then we have some linebackers and DBs that can blitz and do things. They can add pressure also to give different looks, to try to not always have to rely on the four-man rush, but we have that as a tool to go to because those guys they can really go.

(On S T.J. McDonald growing up in football and how that helped him grasp concepts in the NFL)
Hes been around football all his life and he picks up things very well. Its a short learning curve for him, but hes grasping things. You can see his athletic ability. Hes making the transition very well. Were looking forward to big things out of him and Ogletree same boat, two young guys that were looking to step in and do great things for us. But the football IQ on both of those guys is really good.

(On his impression on the safeties)
Im excited so far. Youve gotten a chance to see T.J. come in and get a lot of reps right now. Hes been able to step in and pick up things fast. Then you have Rodney McLeod thats showing a lot of good things. He was on the team last year and showed his athletic ability. Im impressed by the way guys pick things up, the learning curve of those guys. Then you have (Darian) Stewart, thats the same way. Those three guys, we think that well have a great group of guys that will be able to help us a lot.