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    btimsah Guest

    Rams Dominate Cowboys And Here's Why

    I don't know about some of you, but I found myself in shock watching this game. It took me awhile to get over it and to be able to stand back and judge this team objectively.

    We won this game because of our offensive and defensive lines. We won the last game for the same reason. Our offensive line is a much better run blocking line, and our defensive line is a much better pass rushing line. Our secondary is playing A LOT better because I think their simplifying things back there. It's simple - just cover your guy. The defensive line as the season progresses is starting to become a serious force. Their getting sacks, collapsing the pocket, stripping the ball, tipping the ball and causing picks. Their doing an exceptional job of stuffing the run on early downs. The beauty of the Dallas game was that we did not have to blitz to get a rush.

    The offensive line really does struggle with speed and thus sucks at pass blocking. But they can run block... if we can get a lead with the kind of pass rush we saw today, we'll be hard to beat down the road.

    In order for this team to become a playoff team, we just need the passing offense and protection to advance further.

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    luvtheskins428 Guest

    Re: Rams Dominate Cowboys And Here's Why

    Looking good Rams. I came on here last week to congratulate you for beating my team (with a sad face) and now I'm going to congratulate you for beating the COWGIRLS (BIG happy face)!!! WOO HOO!!! Way to go!!!!!!!

    Big turnaround for your team - be proud of them!

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    St.Louis Ram 56 Guest

    Re: Rams Dominate Cowboys And Here's Why

    We DOMINATED the Cowboyys

    Man that feels so good to say!

    Go Rams

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    Re: Rams Dominate Cowboys And Here's Why

    What's the most beautiful sight I've seen in a long time?

    ...Bulger taking a knee against the Cowgirls as time runs out.

    I too was totally amazed at how well the Rams played in ALL phases of the game. Dare I say it? ...even special teams!!!

    I'm going to enjoy this victory for quite a while.
    It's not a relocation, it's a restoration


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    Re: Rams Dominate Cowboys And Here's Why

    Boy was it great to see those 10,000 or more Dallas fans all dressed up like a home game go home crying in their beer !!!

    Hope Y'all enjoyed your trip to St. Louis (Hey it was a pretty day, so you could go see the Arch)
    Barry Waller


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