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Thread: Rams fire Blake Williams

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    Re: Rams fire Blake Williams

    Quote Originally Posted by Richbert88 View Post
    Guess Blake shouldn't have expressed his opinion doubting the abilities of Sam. :-)
    What? When did he do that?

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    Re: Rams fire Blake Williams

    By Jim Thomas

    Blake Williams is out as Rams linebackers coach, the team confirmed Wednesday afternoon, and that almost certainly means that Blake’s father — Gregg Williams — will not be Rams defensive coordinator in 2013.

    Blake, who turned 28 on Dec. 30, never really meshed with other members of the coaching staff — a staff that generally got along and worked together very well. His ego didn’t match his resumé and his blunt approach didn’t go over well, according to those familiar with him at Rams Park.

    His other three coaching stops, in Washington (2006-07), Jacksonville (2008), and New Orleans (2009-11) all were on staffs in which his father was defensive coordinator. So without Blake on the Rams’ staff, that’s about as strong a hint as one can get that Gregg Williams won’t be coaching with the Rams in 2013.

    Gregg Williams is still under suspension for his role in the Bountygate scandal in New Orleans, an alleged pay-for-performance pool that among other things rewarded Saints players for knocking out opposing players via injury.

    As of Wednesday, no decision has been made by the league on Gregg Williams’ reinstatement, according to NFL senior vice president of communications Greg Aiello. There is no timetable as to when that will happen. “Right now, we are focused on the playoffs,” Aiello said via e-mail.

    So even if coach Jeff Fisher wanted Gregg Williams on his staff, waiting until after the Super Bowl would be far less than an ideal situation.

    Gregg Williams did not answer a phone message Wednesday.

    As for Blake Williams, he had a key role this season in what was a defensive coordinator by committee approach necessitated by the absence of Gregg Williams. Although Fisher never specified the exact play-calling process on game-day, it seemed pretty clear that Blake Williams called the defensive plays with plenty of input from assistant head coach Dave McGinnis and Fisher.

    The potential for Blake Williams’ demise was widely rumored at Rams Park over the final few weeks of the season. Fisher was out of town Wednesday and could not be reached for comment. He isn’t expected to comment on staff changes until they are all complete.

    I guess it was coming

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    Re: Rams fire Blake Williams

    Was never a fan of father/son tandium in coaching inn the first place...talent in one generation doesn't mean its passed on in the next-ha!

    Well I had been babbling on why the Rams FO hasn't gone to the NFL and ask about G. Williams we know why the Ram's organization remained silient

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    Re: Rams fire Blake Williams

    Well, I'm not surprised. I did not like the committee thing for most of the season. The defense played well overall but at times there were definite fall offs. The calls did not always seem the greatest and I have to wonder if Blake was given too much of a leash at those times.

    I'm not sure McGinnis would want the DC position. I imagine he likes his position as Asst HC. At this stage of his career I think that is a more desirable spot to be in. I could see a scenario where Cecil gets the job and Brandon Fisher gets promoted from asst secondary to secondary coach. But I also have a hunch that Fisher will make a surprise hire from outside the current staff. I guess all we can do is stay tuned.

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    Re: Rams fire Blake Williams

    Anybody else rooting hard for the Lions to fire Schwartz?
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    Re: Rams fire Blake Williams

    Bring back Lovie Smith as def. coordinator! And I thought a coach was normally an ex player? Like Henry Ellard was WR coach. Nepotism at its best from Gregg Williams.
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    Re: Rams fire Blake Williams

    I figured this would be the case the moment Williams was suspended. Bad karma. Bring back Lovie.

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    Re: Rams fire Blake Williams

    Quote Originally Posted by jmk321 View Post
    Anybody else rooting hard for the Lions to fire Schwartz?
    That would definitely work for me

    But i think it's gonna be McGinnis

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