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Thread: Rams fostering a darker identity

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    Re: Rams fostering a darker identity

    Quote Originally Posted by laram0 View Post
    Bad Boys, Bad Boys whatcha going to do when they come for you?

    LOVE IT!!!
    Funny thing. I was just listening to this song on my I- Pod whilst reading this article. Then I saw your post laram. LMAO.

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    Re: Rams fostering a darker identity

    might've been cause jenkins never left his feet
    i also didn't see if he had time to adjust for the hit, and just had to hit in whatever position he was in
    and although i'm an SC fan and seeing fred davis hit like that sucks, but he's not on the team i root for, not that i'd EVER want to see a player get hurt, nothing can be done about it in the spur of the moment

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    Re: Rams fostering a darker identity

    This is surprisingly one-sided for a St. Louis sportswriter. Jenkins drew a headbutt by getting in Titus Young's head with his jawing. Good for him. Talking smack isn't dirty play. Jenkins delivered a big hit to Davis, and some people say it was illegal. People who say it was an illegal hit don't even all agree on why. Some people say he hit Davis in the head/neck area. Other people say he didn't, but Davis was a defenseless receiver. It's worth noting that the league has fined other players for those types of hits in the last two weeks and didn't fine Jenkins. The league seems to have concluded that was a hard but still legal hit.

    Finnegan's hands to the helmet was admittedly a cheap shot, but even at that, at least he wasn't doing anything that could seriously injure say the Broncos' infamous chop blocks during the years Shannon Sharpe was there or Hines Ward's reputation for blindside blocks when Cowher was coaching the Steelers or say Rodney Harrison's entire career. I don't mind having a few antiheroes on the team, but ideally I'd rather have more the Ravens' reputation for physical defense than the Titans'.

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