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    Rams Gashed for almost 300 yds rushing, by Cowboys

    After watching another disgusting display of "pro-football", we've officially "regressed" 5 yrs. Our DT's suck,our D made Murray the 2nd coming of Eric Dickerson, our Wrs are still horrible (granted Lloyd was ok), our coach continues to get outcoached, the 4 pillars are more like 4 sticks, we continue to make false starts(13 and counting for the season), we can't block, we can't do a damn thing right!!! Oh and the Aints destroyed the colts 62-7!!! With the exception of a few players on the team, EVERYONE needs to be fired, this is just demoralizing, week, after, week, after week, of this crap!!!!! Yeah I know, the guys on NFL network radio (sirius) can't wait to interview spags, and play that stupid frank sinatra song, before the interview, and spags talking of how, we suck in a nice way.

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    Re: Rams Gashed for almost 300 yds rushing, by Cowboys

    Not to mention Dez Bryant having a productive 2nd half for the first time all season. The offensive play calling leaves A LOT to be desired. I could've sworn Shurmur was back calling plays for SJax to run up the middle three times in a row. My 8 year old nephew even noticed... saying that the Cowboys are running AROUND the big group of players... and the Rams are running straight INTO them.

    First full game I got to watch all season so far and it was disappointing.

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    Re: Rams Gashed for almost 300 yds rushing, by Cowboys

    Yea we sucked on both ends of the ball not much else to it.....god this is getting depressing say the same old thing every thread that we are terrible lol.Ive watched every game this year in its entirety and it has been difficult.I love football and know alot and when i get together with friends or others and talk football its rlly annoying because the subject eventually switches to how bad the Rams are.And me i defend them till the day i die coming up with excuse after excuse whats wrong and how we arent as bad as our record shows....but in the end im just being a fan.Something is clearly wrong we shouldnt regress this much after such a improvement last year but we are and im at a lose for words and growing ever so impatient.

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    Re: Rams Gashed for almost 300 yds rushing, by Cowboys

    Yeah, its hard to be a fan of this crap. I wont watch another game all season, just tell me what the positives were to take from the game.

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