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    Rams @ Giants: Thoughts on the Game


    -Questionable call on that facemask against Fisher. If he got the facemask, he must have grazed it with his opposite hand. I sure didn't see it.

    -Horrible coverage on that TD pass by Arch. He jumps up to try and contest the ball in the air, but his momentum is taking him opposite of the way Burress is running. So he basically took himself out of the play.

    -O-line is already having problems against the Giants front seven. Two runs that get no where, and pressure from the left side that force Bulger into an off-target pass.

    -Hodge's first official punt has absolutely no hang time. Yuck.

    -Burress finds the hole in the zone as the Rams continue to not get good pressure on Eli Manning.

    -Rams D beefs up on the second drive, sniffing out a tight end screen fairly well, and then Arch made up for his earlier mistake by breaking up a pass over the middle.

    -Hargrove is doing well against his man. It might not show up on the stat sheet, but I've seen a couple of occasions where he's getting a good push and collapsing the pocket.

    -Hedgecock's first catch... dropped because of a hit from Antonio Pierce.

    -Great pass and catch to McDonald, and a pretty good spot by the officials for the first.

    -And there's your typical deep in as Curtis gains 18 on the pass from Bulger, right over the linebackers. The more we can pick on this secondary, the better.

    -This isn't good. Manumaleuna is already hurting, and now Roland Williams is on the field holding his right knee after a short gain. Now they bring out the cart, not a good sign.

    -Wow, great job by Bulger hanging in the pocket for a hit, and nice grab by McDonald for a big gain.

    -Awesome touchdown pass to Jackson in the flat, and good decision by Bulger to go there, though Strahan did a decent job in almost making a play on that ball. Red zone TD, baby!!

    -Who in the world was supposed to be covering Buress on that deep pass? Fisher stopped as if he was going to get some help deep, but had none. Then a no-call on a clear block in the back on the reverse. Looks like the Rams are fighting the Giants and the officials for another weekend.

    -Defense bends but doesn't break.... then breaks on fourth down as Toomer makes a great touchdown catch. This is what happens when receivers of six feet three inches or taller match up with corners that barely push 5'11".

    -Rams special teams looked horrible on that kick return. The point of having guys in front of the return man is to block them.

    -Fabulous no-call on the elbow drop to Jackson's head after a short run on first down.

    -Nice call on the quick hit to Looker, almost had the first there too.

    -Groce isn't going to arm tackle Burress. I don't know where he got the idea he could.

    -I'm sorry, but I don't feel bad about Hargrove not getting called for the slap on Manning's head, considering how many times Ram QBs have gotten hit worse without a call. That slap doesn't happen if Hargrove isn't being held.


    -Questionable personal foul facemask call. Yes, there was a facemask, but was it a 15-yarder? I don't think so.

    -Burress gets another touchdown, because in the red zone, big receivers are going to eat up our 5'10" corners.

    -Good return by Johnson. The Rams may have to call a time out just to savor their good field position.

    -Wow, when it rains it pours. Great pass to Curtis, but a decapitating hit by a Giant defender forces a fumble, and now it's Giants ball.

    -Rams are killing themselves with some of these penalties. Roughing the passer on Lewis for dragging down Manning, despite making contact not long after the throw. Not sure how he stops his momentum there, but that was the last thing we needed.

    -Great job by Fisher getting in front of that pass and knocking it down on third down to force the field goal.

    -Nice call on the quick pass to Holt, and then a great throw and catch from Bulger to Holt on the deep in.

    -Strahan just stunted inside and OWNED Timmerman to get a sack on first down.

    -Wow, did the officials just change the spot in our favor on fourth down? Of course now it's going to be challenged. Thankfully, not enough evidence. Finally one goes the Rams' way.

    -Nice job finding Faulk in the middle of the field, and nice move by Faulk to get past the defender for the first down.

    -First down pass to Looker on the out route, and the Rams are in the red zone!

    -Rams go pass heavy for a while, but manage to open up a hole for Steven Jackson for a good gain in the red zone to get the Rams to the one.

    -And now Jackson with the TD run! Guess it's good that the first two positive rushes of the game come in the red zone and help get us a TD!

    -Solid coverage by Groce to break up a pass to Shockey, and thankfully Arch wasn't called for a slight hold on third down for the three and out.

    -Great pitch and catch from Bulger to McDonald on first down!

    -Nice checkdown by Bulger to hit Jackson over the middle, and now the Giants are called for a personal foul.

    -Solid play by the Giants corner in the jump ball against Holt. Deloatch had the inside on that jump ball, and was able to break it up.

    -Dangerous decision by Bulger on third and eight, bringing the ball down and then trying to hit Faulk. Luckily that tipped pass wasn't caught.

    -Burress is having a field day against this defense. Beats the corner on a deep post, and breaks a tackle from Chris Johnson for a first and to get out of bounds.

    -Rams benefit from a poor pass from Manning to force third down, and then a drop by Burress.

    -Giants going for it on fourth down, AND HARGROVE COMES UP WITH A SACK!!!

    -Steven Jackson just about gave up another interception by bobbling the football - Marshall, you've gotta teach that boy to make some consistent catches!

    -Great pass from Bulger to Looker, but Dane gets tackled before he can get out of bounds, and the Rams use their last time out.

    -The officials just about gave us a gift on that Holt catch, but Holt didn't get that right toe down. Good job by the officials with the booth review, because I'd hate to score thanks to something like that.

    -Rams hit the deep out from Bulger to Curtis, stop the clock, and now Wilkins has a chance to make this a seven point game.

    -Apparently our Money is no good in the state of New York, because Wilkins misses the field goal!!


    -Poor throw by Bulger on second down that nearly resulted in an interception.

    -Nice first down run by Marc Bulger. And they say he isn't mobile!

    -Faulk makes something out of absolutely nothing, and turns a big loss into a three yard gain. Well done, Marshall.

    -Great job by Bulger finding Curtis open on that drag route, and nice job by Curtis making sure he got the first.

    -Third and one, and Jackson motions out of the backfield so we can give the ball to Madison Hedgecock? What?

    -Rams decide to go for it on fourth down, and give it to Jackson, who bounces off tackle thanks to a great block by Timmerman!!

    -First down, and Bulger throws a potential jump ball into heavy coverage rather than throwing away on the designed rollout. Thankfully it fell incomplete.

    -Nice catch and run by Curtis on second down, and he loses his helmet for the effort.

    -Wow, what a horrible play call and horrible execution on third down in the red zone. People wonder why the Rams have had problems scoring inside the 20, and there's one of your reasons. We had a nice drive going, made a great fourth down conversion, and turn the ball over on a reverse on third down.

    -The turnover has sucked the momentum right out from the Rams, and now the Giants are moving the ball well against us.

    -If the Rams can't get pressure on Manning, then the Giants will continue to eat us alive in this zone defense.

    -Rams bring the pressure and can't get to Manning, who then finds Shockey one on one against Arch. Seven points off of the red zone turnover.

    -Bulger makes a nice checkdown to Jackson in the flat... and he drops the ball. Wow.

    -AMAZING catch by McDonald, sliding to grab the ball for a first down, 19 yard gain.

    -Jackson doesn't follow his blocker, and bounces the ball outside right into a defender on second down for no gain.

    -Great job by Dane Looker hanging onto the football for a first down despite a big tackle.

    -Nice dump off by Bulger to Faulk.

    -Bulger to Holt, and Deloatch saves what could have been a touchdown pass had Torry not been tripped up.

    -Two passes from the Giants 31, and both into some questionable coverages. Now the Rams are faced with 3rd and 15 going into the fourth quarter.


    -Bad decision by Bulger, trying to force a pass into that zone coverage, and he got intercepted for it.

    -Why are the Giants still throwing this ball? It's the fourth quarter and they're up by 17.

    -Nice to see their running back drop an easy pass in the flat.

    -The Rams finally get some pressure on Manning, but he finds Burress wide open in zone coverage. Figures.

    -Burress almost had his third touchdown of the game, had he been in bounds. Giants have lived off of their WR's height advantage all day.

    -Just saw the Seahawks lose in overtime!! WOOHOO!!

    -Bulger's pass is batted down... and then caught by Bulger!! Nice awareness to grab that one.

    -Third and nine, Bulger to McDonald for the first down. McDonald is taking advantage of his time on the field more than Curtis has today.

    -51 passing attempts, and the Rams are now moving the ball well down the field.

    -Touchdown, Bulger to Holt!! Rams are down by 13 with 5:28 to go in the fourth quarter. I'd feel better about a comeback if our defense showed at sometime today that they could stop the Giants offense.

    -Onside kick was a bit too far away from our coverage team, and the Giants recover.

    -Nice three and out for the defense off of the Burress bobble, but less than four minutes to go in this game? I have my doubts.

    -And Bulger sets a new team record for passing attempts.

    -When was the last time you saw a running back fumble the ball, pick it up, and then run for a first down?

    -Bulger throws his second interception of the game as Torbor jumps in front of McDonald. When you have a defense rushing three with eight in coverage and a QB who has thrown near 60 times, that's going to happen.

    -Touchdown Tiki Barber, as Michael Hawthorne fails to make an open field tackle. That'll do it, folks.

    -I'm not sure why Marc Bulger is still in this game with under two minutes to go. His arm has to be sore already, why make him throw more or expose him to a sack?

    -And there's interception number three on pass attempt number 62. The Rams have to find a way to move the ball on the ground, which means taking a good look at that offensive line and seeing where the weak links are.


    -Whatever defense we had the first three weeks decided not to show up for this game, or they got exposed. Take your pick. This was a great match-up for the Giants, as their tall receivers made our secondary look like towel boys, and it didn't help that our D had to focus on Shockey as well. The run defense was inconsistent, and we generally could not get any kind of pass rush with our front four.

    -Offensively, we cannot throw 50+ attempts every weekend. Bulger's arm will fall off of his body. The Rams tried to run the ball and got completely stuffed. They either need to fix their offensive personnel so that they're capable of getting good push on the line of scrimmage, or design some plays that make it easier to run the ball without having to make holes in the middle of the field.

    -And no, those plays should not include a reverse on third down in the red zone. I don't care if it worked or not, but that's not a good play call to make when you're coming back from a deficit and have momentum on your side. Then, McDonald apparently can't see the ball in the sun, and looking back, that was the beginning of the end of our comeback.

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    Re: Rams @ Giants: Thoughts on the Game

    Nick that is one hell of a report mate!!!


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    Re: Rams @ Giants: Thoughts on the Game

    yes nick, good observations.
    Bottom line;
    o-line got it handed to them in the running game to make them one dementional. Defensive line couldn't get any pressure on Manning and the secondary paid the price. When they started to blitz in the second half the secondary was just too thin. Too many nickel packages deployed to stop the run from the get go. Marmie didn't call his best game, and the players didn't play theirs either. Very disapointed in the play today from both lines, especially the d-lines pass rush. It was the difference maker.
    2-2 is right in the thick or it still..I guess. They need to start playing a heck of a lot beeter to go anywhere in a conference that's still looking for some playoff caliber teams.

    Maineram -

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    Re: Rams @ Giants: Thoughts on the Game

    My thought are i need a few beers to wash this loss down with!

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    Re: Rams @ Giants: Thoughts on the Game

    The Bad News---Rams get spanked !:clanram:
    Good news--- Seahawks blow the game !:tongue: LOL
    Great news--The Patriots get crushed at HOME !!!!!:moon:

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    Re: Rams @ Giants: Thoughts on the Game

    Are we really that bad to get blown out by 20 against the G-Men?

    Our secondary really, really, sucks!! Hawthorne should be released today. He can’t cover, he lets receivers get behind him like Mr. Angie Harmon, and he tackles like Rich Cody (around the shoulder pads). Marmie is too stupid to realize that he’s got to get a pass rush! He kept dropping 5, or 6 DBs when he should have been blitzing !! Crap, you can’t keep dropping back and let them hang 40 on you! Jeez, this was only Eli Manning, can you imagine what Payton is going to do to us in 2 weeks!

    Where the heck is Aaneas Williams, can we dust him off, tape him up, and run him out there? Anyone got his phone number? You know he never really announced a retirement.

    Did the loss of Mama-Lama-Ding-Dong, and Roland Williams really hurt the run game us that much? I saw Hedgecock line up in the wrong place once, then I didn’t see him out there anymore. You know how Coach hates that! Guess he was pulled from the game. I seem to remember Jeff Robinson being serviceable, at least to some extent.

    In my opinion the biggest problem with the running game is Steven Jackson. He ALWAYS tries to bust it outside, never, ever tries to hit the hole as designed. Jackson is just like Earl Campbell, yes he’s got some speed, but he’s much better off running between the tackles, or at least just off tackle. Jackson seems to think he’s a scat back. Someone’s got to teach that kid to run north and south!

    The obvious keys to the game, the double reverse, statue of liberty, fumble, on the 5 yard line, and Money missing a field goal.

    The only bright spots;

    Barron played well, the only sack Strahan got was a stunt against Timmerman.

    Seattle lost as well.

    Thoughts, Comments, Vents ?


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