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    Re: Rams have been left in good hands

    Quote Originally Posted by NJRamsGuy View Post
    I'm hoping there are some fans on this board from neither St Louis or California who can agree with me here, but as a fan from NJ who have only gotten the chance to see the team he chose to root for (during a cruddy 2002 year when I started really watching football) it doesn't matter where this team ends up as long at it puts quality teams on the field. I like them in St Louis now, and it'd be the best for them not to have to go through a move, but if that happened, it wouldn't phase me much.

    I've only gotten to see the team live once -- this year in New Orleans as a visiting fan. The rest of the days I have to go to a sports bar to watch a team that doesn't bring in many fans so it doesn't even get sound played.

    That makes me no less of a Rams fan and no more of a Rams fan than the rest of you. Debate all you'd like, but just remember that before you grab your pitchforks and hop a plane for a battle. (Though I'm pretty sure you can't get a pitchfork through customs.)

    Now, my altered "Why can't we all get along speech" aside, I agreed with the point that I'd love to see new management. Shaw can go. I'd personally show Zyggy the door myself. Let's get some guys go can make things happen and know how to make consistently accurate football moves. Hopefully Bernie's article is right and the ownership and eventually sale of this team is handled appropriately so there are no lost years that come of it.

    That's pretty much my attitude now since I no longer live in the St. Louis area. If they stay there, great, if they don't, that's fine too.

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    Re: Rams have been left in good hands

    Heck, what does it matter. We are happy with Linehan who has won 11 games in two years but hate the coach that had one of the best winning percentages in football.

    We don't care about success, we want perfect success. 19-0 every year. No exceptions.

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    Re: Rams have been left in good hands

    Quote Originally Posted by Roy G. Biv View Post
    You're entitled to nothing. You're a football fan. You either cheer for the team or you don't. Your choice, but nobody owes you a thing.

    Well - with that logic - everything must now be free for fans!

    Tickets, merchandise, TV subscriptions, travel, food, lodging...etc, etc.

    Nothing for Nothing!

    Hmmm....why bother


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    Re: Rams have been left in good hands

    Part of a teams success is the market the team resides in. Another part is the local support of the team. Case in point the Packers...not a huge market, but a huge local support base. As with the Rams in L.A. there was a huge market but not so much support. Certainly it seamed more Joe Montana fans and frisco supporters showed up at home games
    Lets say for example the Rams will move. Would they gain the support of the locals? Or is it more important to look at a balance between support and market? Problem is that California has the Chargers, Raiders, and 49 ers. So I think the market may in numbers support the Rams but loyalties and spport I think are too divided. Texas, Florida and New York same problem, too many teams are in one area. Neveda's Clark county maybe, but I see a whole mess of issues cropping up. Oregan, Portland area, has the market and maybe some support for the Rams, but the politics of that state are messed up and hense economically prohibitive for the Rams.

    Other markets like NEW Orleans, Indianapolise, and the like are nitch markets drawing in support and market share over a huge geographic area.

    All this concludes is that for the time being, staying in St Louis makes more sense for the time being. And that is what the organization needs to work on. Needs to improve the entertainment value of the doom for the fans, and needs a winner living in the doom. Its what most folks call economics. Success on the field breeds success in the pocket book with merchandise, attendence, and over all market share.

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    Re: Rams have been left in good hands

    wooooo now...lets not bring Oregon into it!

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