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    Smile Rams have big suprise in store...

    I think the rams have a couple of tricks up their sleeves that they havent shown anyone yet. I say that because look at the cardinals. How they stumbled into the playoffs. Granted the rams aint the cardinals, but I do see something similar happening with my rams. It just seems like its perfectly set up! New coach, already been playing well, no one outside our fanbase beilives we can even make the playoffs, and even some of them dont. I dont know exactly how far were gonna go, but I think the rams will be pulling a few rabbits out of their hats come seasons end and shock everyone.

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    Re: Rams have big suprise in store...

    Nice optimistic view on our season. I agree that the rams we'll be in the hunt the whole year but do they have enough to get into the playoffs?? only time will tell

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    Re: Rams have big suprise in store...

    Some would call it "optimistic", others would call it "wishful thinking". They're not holding anything back, nor do they have something up their sleeve.

    What you see, is what you get.

    Can they improve? Yes, and they will. But not because they're holding something back. In a 16 game season, you can't afford to hold anything back. They just haven't quite put all the pieces together yet. Mainly because they don't have all the pieces yet...

    You can wait for the big miracle to happen, or you can except the fact that we're not quite there yet. Doesn't mean I don't want them to, and it doesn't mean I'm suddenly a Ram basher because they lost a game yesterday. I expected a loss yesterday, and I expect about 5 more. But I don't believe in miracles. ...or pulling rabbits out of hats, or hiding things in my sleeve.


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