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    Rams Head Coach Scott Linehan

    Rams Head Coach Scott Linehan
    May 9, 2008

    (On which players were not present at practice)
    “As you probably noticed, we had a couple of players who were excused and were absent today. Todd Johnson had a charity event today that he had planned well before we had set our off-season schedule. He tried to change it, but he will be back Sunday. The auction was this afternoon and he had to a take a flight to get down to Florida. His event is tomorrow. He comes back tomorrow night so he will be back for Sunday’s practice. Dustin Fry had been engaged a year ago. They set the wedding date for this weekend. He actually checked with me in the winter time and this was going to be our rookie mini-camp. I changed it on him, so I guess I allowed him to get married. Rob Pettiti was injured during the off-season program with an Achilles (injury). He will probably be about six months from being cleared to do any running. Those were the guys absent.”

    (On the first day of mini-camp)
    “I was really pleased with the tempo and the attitude and the whole deal. There is a pretty refreshed feeling around here and it is amazing what a new season and a few new faces will do to everyone’s attitude. They came out here with a purpose and they know we have a lot of work to do. You hear that all the time, but they worked. The plan is to do less talking and do more working and produce on the field when we start playing these games. Right now it is a great start.”

    (On who got a better workout, the receivers or Offensive Coordinator Al Saunders)
    “I don’t know. I’ve heard about it. It’s pretty famous, the lore about Al running down there. I asked him if he was going to still chase the receivers. He said he had been training. He said, ‘You’ll see.’ I was pretty impressed. I don’t know how old Al is but at his age I hope I can run that well.”

    (On how the rookies did without having a rookie mini-camp)
    “I thought they did extremely well. I was leery of how that was going to go with them. A lot of times that crushes a rookie when he gets going a lot faster than normal. These guys were pretty mature and were pretty well-prepared. We spent a lot of extra time meeting with them today during breaks and they were pretty ready for today. We will see how tomorrow and the next day go when they get about three times as much information.”

    (On DE Chris Long)
    “I think Chris had a great first day out. I noticed him a few times. He was doing everything he is supposed to do. I know one time he got a nice rush on the passer which is good to see. What is funny about Chris is that he just goes. You don’t hear him talk a lot, which I like. He just goes 100 miles an hour, which is nice.”

    (On what Long was talking about with DE Leonard Little during practice)
    “I don’t know exactly, maybe he is telling him jokes. I think Leonard understands what Chris is going through and certainly understands that at this point he is taking a lot of reps. Also, James (Hall) on the other side is too so it can really be an asset for them, especially this time of year. I think he is really just trying to help him. The great thing about Chris is that he is all ears. He knows he has a lot to learn and he is going to the right guys. That is for sure.”

    (On how WR Donnie Avery looked in practice)
    “I thought Donnie looked really good. I thought he looked a little nervous early, but he plays fast. There was no hesitation out there. He made some nice catches down the field and he has some serious speed. It is the first day, but I really liked how he came to work today.”

    (On the offensive line)
    “We had so many spaces in our O-line group during stretch. I didn’t have anyone to talk to during stretches for about half the season last year. I told Orlando (Pace) that it has been a long time since we were able to talk during practice. It is true though. It is good to see the guys back out there and see a good full group. They are really anxious to get back out there and they have a lot of things on their mind that they would like to prove. I know that.”

    (On T Orlando Pace being limited in reps)
    “Orlando is not going to take much at all until we get back into training camp. He will do all of the walk-throughs and the individuals. He will be cleared and good to go for training camp. We can’t put him in that position yet. We moved Alex (Barron) over to the left side and had Adam Goldberg playing on the right side. We got the young kid (John) Greco in there with the second group.”

    (On the attitude during practice)
    “I think it was a genuine sincere approach to what is going to be an exciting season for us. They came out here with a whole new life and energy. It was really inspiring for me to see that. It came from the core leadership on the team and the young kids followed it. That’s what we need.”

    (On WR Torry Holt taking fewer snaps)
    “He doesn’t need all of the snaps. The snaps he does take are the first of the sets we do with each group. We have a couple of young players behind him and we need to get them reps. I think Torry understands the offense pretty well. As long as he is in there and his presence is there and he is able to get the reps that he needs, we can use all those other reps for the younger players.”

    (On having K Josh Brown on the Rams sideline replacing former K Jeff Wilkins)
    “It is nice. I can tell you that. I think this thing about ‘Wilky’ and what he meant to this team and the whole thing with him retiring with all of the emotions we went through during the off-season was sad. It was really sad to see his career come to an end. To have Josh come in and fill his role is a bittersweet kind of a deal, but it is nice to have Josh here. I’m glad we had a chance to replace Jeff with a guy of his caliber, that’s for sure.”

    (On Rams DL Adam Carriker’s progression in rehab)
    “He can do anything. He was probably sneaking in there. I was watching to make sure he didn’t sneak into team. I think it is amazing how fast he has recovered. Generally, with an injury like that, it is four to six months before you can do anything. I think in this case he could probably be able to play a game if we had to play one. I said it was youth but I think a lot of it has to do with work ethic and want. That guy has been busting his butt since the end of the season to get to where he is at. It has really paid off.”

    (On DE Leonard Little’s health)
    “Leonard had to check up with the surgeons who did the surgery and they said he was good to go. Actually, they cleared him for some team work and things like that now, which made me raise my eyebrows a little bit. We will probably hold off on that for a little while, but Leonard cannot stand watching. We will get in there for a few plays but still make sure we don’t overdo it at this point. We don’t need to ease him into it, but just be smart about it and he can get a lot of work in now.”
    Chris Long
    May 9, 2008

    (On his first day with the Rams)
    “I think it was a pretty positive day. I had a lot of fun working with those guys on the defensive line and trying to pick up as much as I can so I don’t slow things down. But we’re all working on our new stuff as rookies so I had a good time.”

    (On what DE Leonard Little shared with him during practice)
    “Leonard’s just helpful. What a guy to have working with you on the defensive line. I think it’s his 11th season. He’s been in this game and he knows what he’s doing so anything he says to me, which is mainly just critiquing technique and game experience and stuff like that, is really helpful.”

    (On how well he feels he is learning the defensive system)
    “I feel like I’m picking it up well. I don’t want to get ahead of myself. It’s day one. I’m probably on page one of 100 in the (play) book so I’m not going to get too high on how quick I picked it up, but I think I’ve moved along pretty nicely.”

    (On his level of anxiety as he walked out to practice)
    “I’m always anxious to get out here on the first day, whether it’s college, high school and now in the pros. It’s the same game you just have to get out there to realize it.”

    (On selecting No. 72 as his jersey number)
    “I never picked anything else. I saw the available number and I was like ‘Oh that would be cool. 72 sounds good, something different. You know (New York Giants DE) Osi (Umenyiora) wears it so maybe I’ll get a little faster.”

    (On how it feels to be in the NFL)
    “To be honest, no different. Just obviously, the game picks up. These guys are enthusiastic, they love their job – it doesn’t feel like a job which is cool. That was my biggest anxiety, I was worried it was going to feel like a job and not a game. But these guys are out here having fun, working hard just like a college team would. Just guys are better.”

    (On if he went up against T Orlando Pace)
    “No, I didn’t get to.”

    (On if the coaches have talked to him a lot)
    “Yeah, I’ve heard some things from different coaches, but there’s a lot of chatter going on. I’m a rookie.”

    (On if anyone has talked any ‘trash’ to him yet)
    “No, it’s been cool. This is a team and at the end of the day we all want to have the same goal. Besides ‘carry my helmet,’ it’s all good with me.”
    (On the coaching staff having early expectations for him)
    “Whether I was the second (pick) or a seventh-round pick I’m going to try to be as ready as quick as I can. I don’t put anybody else’s timetable on myself, I just work as hard as I possibly can and if I maximize what I can do at the end of the day then that’s kind of what you get. If that’s being ready by the first game to contribute that would be great.”

    (On if his dad, Hall of Fame DE Howie Long, had any advice for him)
    “Oh yeah, he’s a dad, plenty of advice.”

    (On if he had a chance today to physically test himself against some of the other players)
    “You just have to get out there and see. You see guys in college that are as good as the guys at this level, just more rarely. It’s just now you see these guys frequently, every play. Every play you see the best guy that you go against during the season. So you just have to be ready, never let your guard down, and if that’s the way you play football then you’ll be fine.”

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    Re: Rams Head Coach Scott Linehan

    Great news about AC. I had no idea he was that far along.

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    Re: Rams Head Coach Scott Linehan

    Frankly, I really didn't know he was that hurt.

    But it's nice to know that everyones taking it easy. I hope no one strains themselves or gets tired. Sounds daunting. Tell me when it's over. Gads.
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