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    Rams Head Coach Steve Spanuolo- Press Conference ..

    Sunday, July 31 2011 @ 08:32 PM CDT

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    Rams E-Zine

    (Opening remarks)
    First off so I dont forget, I think the turnout has been terrific with the fans. We had a bunch of fans here yesterday even though we thought we might get rain. They came anyways. I think thats pretty good. We have some good fans here.

    Having said that,(S) Mikail Baker didnt practice today. His right knee, hes got a sprained right knee. You guys saw (DE) Robert Quinn out here. Robert will be placed on (Active - Non-Football Injury), which is nothing more than PUP, (Active - Physically Unable to Perform). He came in with, really, a sprained knee. He did it in his workouts back in North Carolina. He thought hed be okay coming back but the doctors assessed it and just feel like its better to have him over there with (Head Athletic Trainer) Reggie (Scott). We really havent seen Robert do anything, he hasnt been here in OTAs, and kind of get a good assessment on him and where that knee is before we throw him out there with the rest of the guys. So thats why we did that.

    You guys saw the (G) John Greco trade, Cleveland. I wish John a lot of luck. Hes a good man and hopefully itll work out for him. And hopefully right now (DT) Justin Bannan is being signed upstairs, with (Executive Vice President of Football Operations/C.O.O) Kevin (Demoff). Im sure there is something I missed here, but you guys will ask me so Ill let you fire away.

    (On DB Marquis Johnson)
    He is PUP. That went through the transaction, him and (FB) Brit Miller. Im pretty sure I read that in transactions, so thats out.

    (On the time table for DE Robert Quinn to begin practicing)
    We could do it in a day, two days, three days. What we didnt want to do, you guys know these prideful guys, we are not sure where it is. So even if we put him out there and say, Hey look, take it easy, they are going to go. And then all the sudden you get a setback. So we just thought the wise thing to do was let Reggie, I dont know if you guys saw him, hes over there working out with Reggie on the sled a little bit. Reggie is going to take it day by day and assess it and see what he thinks. Well trust Reggies opinion on that.

    (On if he is eager to see what Robert Quinn can do)
    Thats probably an understatement. Really eager. And he is eager, too. Its been a long time since hes played football with a year off last year.

    (On DT Justin Bannan)
    Well, of course (Offensive Coordinator) Josh (McDaniels) had some input on him, having worked with him there in Denver. So that was important to us. And were always looking for big guys. Weve said all along, we are wanting to build this thing from the inside out. Big men are important and we just think we can add him to the mix there.

    (On LB Zac Diles)
    My understanding is he is signed and all set, too. So he will be added to the roster. I dont think that has come out yet, but that one I believe is done.

    (On what he likes about Diles)
    Hes a bigger linebacker. Weve kind of gone the other way, where we are not really tagging them, weak or strong. They have to play both. So what Id like to do is wait and assess him here and see where he best fits in and let him battle for that spot.

    (On QB Sam Bradford being more confident)
    Id be lying if I said Ive seen him do it, but I think it makes sense. I think he has the confidence of this team and the confidence of his teammates, players that he works with on offense, so Id be willing to bet that not one player has a problem with being corrected by Sam or encouraged.

    (On how he thinks the first weekend has gone)
    Its the weekend? (Joking) Great, great because were back here. The alternative wasnt real good. And the guys have had tremendous energy, which youd expect. I would imagine every team is going through that right now. I thought there was a little dip and a lull after the break here today but thats probably to be expected and hopefully the energy will be high tomorrow. Well put the pads on and play some real football. Well do the real stuff.

    Linebacker Zac Diles Post Training Camp
    July 31, 2011

    (On what brought him here to St. Louis)
    You know, it is a young and up and coming team with a lot of great players. As soon as I saw (Quarterback) Sam Bradford and I was familiar with (Middle Linebacker) James Laurinaitis on defense and like I said, theres just a lot of up here. A lot of upside and Im excited to be here.

    (On his expectations for himself)
    To just come in here and help this team win. Anything I can do to get on the field and just help this defense get better and help this team get better.

    (On his favorite position to play)
    I played Will ( weak side linebacker) for the last two years over in Houston and I favored that a little bit. Ive got accustomed to it. I played Sam (strong side linebacker) a little bit my second year. I played Mike (middle linebacker) my rookie year. My third and fourth I played Will and I enjoy it.

    Rams DE Robert Quinn-Post Practice
    July 31, 2011

    (On if hes disappointed that hes not on the field right now)
    Im taking all of the mental reps and thats all I can really do right now. Im going to make the most out of the situation and keep a smile on my face.

    (On how he hurt his knee)
    I was back in North Carolina doing some D-Line drills and it was just a little tweak. The trainer said its looking real good. The situation is kind of disappointing, but its looking real good. The knee is going to be okay.

    (On if he has had any trouble with the knee before and which knee is hurt)
    No, its my right.

    (On when it happened)
    A couple of months ago, maybe.

    (On the situation with his agent)
    It was just really a business decision at the time. Im a football player and its something you have to do. Its part of the sport but it was just really a business decision. I put that in the past and Im moving on from there.

    (On his agent filing a lawsuit)
    I really just let it go. Its nothing to really be too concerned about. It is what it is and Ill just go on from there.

    (On how excited he is to get on the field)
    Im very excited. Learning from some of the vets and learning the playbook and stuff. Im very excited to get on the field and get approval from the vets.

    (On being in a good position because he doesnt have to come in and start right away)
    It can make a lot of things easier when you have a big time vet in front of you but also at the same time you want to have that mindset- you never know. Something may happen to him so you have to be able to step up. Really you just have both of those mindsets to learn from the vets and also have the mentality to go out there and perform when its your time.

    (On what it feels like to sign his name on his contract)
    Its an overwhelming feeling. Not too many people in this world get to do it and Im one of the few blessed ones. And like I said its just an overwhelming, good feeling.

    (On the speed that he saw today in practice)
    Its something you have to get adjusted to, like going from high school to college. Its just the next step up and something you just have to get adjusted to.

    (On if he has a timetable for when he is going to be back)
    Im waiting on (Head Athletic Trainer) Reggie (Scott) and the whole situation. Im really just waiting on Reggie to see when hell let me go and well go from there.

    (On if they took an MRI or X-Ray)
    Yeah, like I said everything is fine with the knee. Its just being more on the safe side to make sure I dont keep more time out from football.

    (On what delayed him from getting to St. Louis)
    I actually had my first son. He was born with me, family is first. Coaches and the Rams staff and personnel, we were really working together and like I said it was my first son and they allowed me to be there so we were working together. But as soon as he was born I hopped on a plane and shot over here.

    (On having a son and becoming a millionaire in the same day)
    Well, I dont think too many people get to do that so I mean its kind of a funny feeling. But its one blessed day.

    (On his sons name and if he will be rushing the passer soon)
    I made him a junior, Robert Jr. Maybe, if thats what he wants to do.

    (On when his son was born and how big he is)
    Yesterday. He is 21 inches long, 8.78 lbs, head 36 centimeters.

    (On what is on his arm)
    I was giving autographs and I figured I would get some from the kids so I got a couple signatures from the kids as I was walking through.

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    Re: Rams Head Coach Steve Spanuolo- Press Conference ..

    (On what is on his arm)
    “I was giving autographs and I figured I would get some from the kids so I got a couple signatures from the kids as I was walking through.”
    I love that.
    I know some people were concerned about Quinn and how he fits in with the four pillars because of his suspension last year and this stuff with his agent, but he just sounds like a great kid.

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