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    Hoggfather Guest

    Rams history question


    Just had a question about the infamous "Same old sorry ass rams" qoute. I am pretty sure that it was Ken Norton Jr. after the 2nd game in 1995. Anyone know for sure ? Thanks...Doing a little research for my ClanRam column and I was a little stumped.

    Go Rams!

    Kill the Whiners'(spit!,spit!)


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    RAMble On Guest
    Here's the dirt Hoggfather. It was Norton that punched the goal post. By the way, if you are the Rabid Rants guy, I am enjoying your column. All the writers are pretty good. Take it easy,

    Stubblefield denies Ram rap

    September 22, 01


    SANTA CLARA -- Defensive tackle Dana Stubblefield is wanted for a crime he says he did not commit.

    Stubblefield played five seasons for the ***** during a time in which they did not lose to the Rams, first in Los Angeles and later in St. Louis. Even as a member of the Washington Redskins, Stubblefield's team defeated the Rams.

    He is 11-0 in his career against the Rams. But he says he never belittled the Rams. It is guilt by association, he said.

    Rams receiver Isaac Bruce told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch this week that it was Stubblefield who first made the demeaning utterance "same old Rams" after the ***** beat the Rams 44-10 in 1995 with Elvis Grbac making his first career start.

    "Not many people around here remember that phrase he coined," Bruce said.

    But Stubblefield has a much different story. He said it was safety Tim McDonald who said "same old Rams" on the sideline that day for the cameras of NFL Films. Then, defensive end Tim Harris picked up on it and elaborated, "Same old sorry a-- Rams."

    Stubblefield said he was standing next to Harris and that might be where the confusion started. Regardless, one thing is certain, Stubblefield does not think these are the same old Rams that the ***** defeated 17 consecutive times from 1990 to '98.

    "No, I'm not going to start that," Stubblefield said

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    Hoggfather Guest

    Yea..I remebered it being Norton who..

    beat the goalposts. As a matter of fact that is one of the main things I mention in my article. I am by the way, not the Rabid guy. No one can be am David Edwards and my column is just the regular smack. Hope you enjoy that too. Thanks for the info and Go Rams!!



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    RAMble On Guest
    Glad I could help. Looking forward the the article about the "evil empire"

    Let's hope Warner's force is with him.

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    Hoggfather Guest


    by the way....Love the quote in your signature.

    Go Rams!

    Go to hell Forty-niners(spit!,spit!)



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