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    The Rams, honest assessment. (Long, but a good read) Check it!

    Why are expectations so low next season for us? As a fan, I feel like I know what we're capable of, last year we dealt with coaching problems, and that's what most of our problems are. We have some real good players.

    I understand that our coaching staff hasn't coached yet, but with Steve Spagnuolo as Head Coach, Pat Shurmur (one of the best young offensive minds in football) as Offensive Coordinator, and Ken Flajole (a damn good coach) as defensive coordinator. For the first time, in a Rams Head Coaching hire, I feel like we made a really good decision on bringing these guys in.

    On offense, of course our focal point will be Pro Bowler Steven Jackson. And one of the things we needed to do was bring in some offensive line help. We cut Pace, but to be honest, he was living by name, it wasn't the same Pro Bowler of a few years ago. We then brought in center Jason Brown who is one of the best Centers in the league, and is at a young age, we drafted Jason Smith, whose a beast. Of course, Jason Smith hasn't played a down yet, but I feel really confident in what he'll do, especially by the reports I've read on him already. We moved Barron to Left Tackle, so our starting line will be || LT Alex Barron | LG Jacob Bell (was a very good player, hopefully the new staff can get him back to where he was, if not.. well John Greco looked like a madman last year)| C Jason Brown | RG Richie Incognito (very good player) | RT Jason Smith || While most people don't know half of these guys, we will.

    Not only did we improve the offensive line, but we brought in Pro Bowl fullback Mike Karney, who was released by New Orleans. And from what I read, a lot of Saints fans were upset over this move, and really the only reason was because he didn't fit into the pass heavy scheme. He's a big bruiser, and him blocking for Jackson is going to be HUGE! We signed blocking specialist Billy Bajema from San Fransisco, and traded for WR Laurant Robinson, who before injury last year was destined to be a starter in Atlanta after his great rookie season. Word is he's looking good so far, and Donnie Avery really improved his route running, and is catching everything thrown his way. I expect a huge year from Avery.

    After those acquisitions, and our current lineup, Jackson WILL have a HUGE year.

    Bulger has been crap the past two seasons, and while I'm a huge critique of him, I feel this offense is going to be better suited for him (the Run Heavy/West Coast Offense), and is going to make him excel again. He's not the strongest Quarterback in the world, so the quick short - mid range passes will be very good for him.

    And on defense, we signed SS James Butler from the Giants. He's not a Pro Bowler, but he's a very nice player. We franchised young up and coming FS OJ Atogwe, and also signed young stud Ron Bartell to a multi year deal. With those guys, our secondary is potentially scary, and if the Cornerback who lines up next to Bartell (probably Tye Hill) can play decent, this secondary will be sick. We drafted James Lauranitis to fill our void at the Middle Linebacker spot. Most people wanted Rey Magulogo (sp*) and are still sick we didn't draft him. The truth is, last season, if Lauranitis were to have entered the draft (2008) he would have been a Top 15 pick, and if you think about the Rams getting him in the 2nd round this year... how can that not be a great pick up? He's a very inteligent guy, and he's not the flashiest, but he's a nasty, physical player who has real nice intangibles. With him, we moved Will Witherspoon back to the outside where it's his natural position. Keep in mind before coming to St. Louis, he was weakside linebacker for a Ken Flajole coached group of players, and he played lights out. Expect him to go back to that.

    And with the biggest question of the team arguably, but also arguably the most potential is the defensive line. Filled with questions such as "Can Chris Long make the step to greatness in his 2nd year?", "Can Adam Carriker play like that 1st round potential he has?", "Can Leonard Little play like he's still able to?", the players on the line, are looking to quiet the doubters. Chris Long has the most potential on that line, last season finishing with 4 sacks, he looks to make the jump. He may not make a Pro Bowl jump, but expect him to get 7 - 8 sacks this season. Carriker, and Clifton Ryan are going to be playing Left Defensive Tackle, and Right Defensive Tackle in Spagnuolo/Flajole's scheme, so it's not a matter of UT/NT, it's a matter of the players current assignment per play picked. I think they'll do fine. I expect Little to have around 5 sacks or so, he'll probably rotate in and out with James Hall and Victor Adeyanju.

    With all that said, I expect the Rams to win the NFC West, if not finish second with a 9 - 7 record. If we finish second, I'm not sure if we'll make the playoffs. But we'll set our self up for some nice consideration going into the 2010 season.

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    Re: The Rams, honest assessment. (Long, but a good read) Check it!

    Great post 16...I love the optimism! I am cautiously optimistic myself. I like the new coaching staff and what we did in the offseason. I'm really looking for big things from Lauranitis and Jason Smith was the right choice to anchor our offensive line for years to come. If our wide receivers and corners step up this season we should do well. We are such a young team. If things come together as I hope we should be in good shape for a long time.

    Go Rams!!!
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    Re: The Rams, honest assessment. (Long, but a good read) Check it!

    Repeat of 99 Rams, SUPERBOWL CHAMPS!!!!

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    Re: The Rams, honest assessment. (Long, but a good read) Check it!

    Like the optimism.

    I am not convinced that Richie Incognito is a "very good player". I sense a new thread coming.
    Semper Fi!

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    Re: The Rams, honest assessment. (Long, but a good read) Check it!

    Wow great read... Ahhhhhh that was nice. I hope it works out like that.. We'll put it does make our team sound strong.

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    Re: The Rams, honest assessment. (Long, but a good read) Check it!

    great post we will definitely do at least about average i expect 5-8 wins at least if not more somehow because of the horrible division. the cards will be the same if not worse this because of the boldin situation.

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