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    Rams Inability to Score

    Should we be worried? As noted in another post Broncos defense is rated #2 defending against the rush. They have a very good back in Champ Bailey. Not to mention we were a little out of sync.

    Does this mean that our inability to score TD in the red zone, in this game, means we don't have a good offense? This Broncos defense is probably going to be a very good one, if not already, we'll see.

    My point? The Greatest Show on Turf" good offense? Most certainly.

    1999-2000 Held to one late touchdown to beat the Bucs.
    2000 Held by Carolina to 3 points.
    2002 Held by Philly to 3 points.

    This offense still out gained the opposition in yardage.
    S. Jackson rushed #2 for the week with 121 yards.

    Bulger threw behind Holt, possible touchdown.

    Really Rams inability to score Tds in this game against the Broncos means nothing. Keep your heads up. I'm very impressed with our defense!!!


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    Thumbs up Re: Rams Inability to Score

    I agree 100%. We rocked the house tonight. Wish I coulda been there.

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    Re: Rams Inability to Score

    Bulger's throws, some of them were way off; either to the sidelines or the one where he missed a wide open receiver in the end zone (I thought it was Bruce).

    Also, in the second half, there was even a successful pump-fake play to Holt where the Bronco defender was completely fooled; had Bulger given more leeway, the completion would have been for five maybe ten more yards.

    As for that 'inability to score', we'll probably be seeing all sorts of adjustments by Coach SL and Co. from here on: TE's more involved, better, more defined passing plays, a more relaxed QB (for a play or two Marc's nervous grin was beginning to make me frown) and offense in general.

    The Rams defense really made an impact today, they were the real difference. Let's hope the offense will follow suit next week Vs. Friskies!


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