Steve Spagnuolo

(On if DL Adam Carriker look quicker this year)

“Yeah, he does. What did I get on him today about? Something happened, no, it was one of the pursuit drills, but other than that play. Some of the guys mentioned to me the other day, Adam was one of them, because I complimented somebody about running around real well and they really credited (strength coach) Rock (Gullickson) and what they’re doing in the weight room. There have been a number of guys that have said that, so I take that as a positive. But he does look like he’s quicker.”

(On what he’s seen from T Jason Smith)

“You know, he’s versatile. He doesn’t blink at all when he goes on either side or we give him something new. He’s a tremendous worker and the guy is a respectful guy. He gets it. That’s the best thing I can say is he gets it. He’s young but he gets it, which is important.”

(On if he is looking at putting Smith at left tackle or putting him at both positions)

“We’re going to try to have some versatility at tackle, so at some point they’ll all probably get work at both sides. Jason’s done a little of that, (T) Alex (Barron) not yet, (T) Adam (Goldberg) I think has and will. And I just think at all the positions on both sides of the ball and special teams the more versatile we can be with the guys I think the better off we’ll be. It will help us.”

(On why this is a tough system for linebackers)

“Well, I think there’s a lot volume-wise to think about and we haven’t even…we’re probably about half the way there or 60 percent there, but once we start putting it all together and showing them where we want to bluff and where we want to blitz from it takes a little while, but they’ll get it.”

(On if he’s playing the defensive tackles with one over the nose and both in gaps)

“No, right and left, so they could be on the nose or they could be on the guard.”

(On if the defensive tackles have to play both the right and left tackle positions)


(On if he thinks the team has the skill set to play in the defensive scheme)

“Yeah, we’re looking for that versatility. All that’s being evaluated. Now, I can share with you that I don’t think in the years in this system we’ve gone nose and three-technique, we haven’t, so I guess we’ve been lucky enough, but that’s my comfort level. If we feel like we need to do that, that’s ok. I think it makes things a little simpler in some ways if we just go right to left.”

(On his philosophy on starting the top Draft picks at the bottom of the depth chart)

“That’s probably a philosophy thing. They started me way down, not in the NFL, but…I guess what I believe in is you earn anything you should get and these guys haven’t even played in a game yet and we have a lot to find out. We still haven’t put the pads on. That’s probably the main reason.”

(On if he thinks the tempo at training camp will shock the team)

“It’ll probably be a shock to the system because it’s really hard to facilitate that. Everybody in this group has told me how hot it’s going to be, so I’m anticipating that. The guys have all played enough football. They’ve been in heat, they’ve been through training camps and this is just another step up for a lot of them.”

S Oshiomogho Atogwe – June 4, 2009

(On if he will make some of the defensive calls)

“Yeah, I think so. Being a defensive football player in this league you have to be able to talk through everything. Making calls, making motion adjustments, talking out routes is just part of the game so all have to be ready to do that.”

(On how this defense lets him play to his strengths)

“I’m still figuring it out. I’m still learning the defense and figuring out where I fit in the defense and how I can best utilize it and how the defense can best utilize myself and my skill set. Like I said, it’s a learning phase.”

(On how he and S James Butler are adapting to playing together)

“We’re adapting well. That’s one of the reasons why I wanted to be here, just to get used to the system, get used to the people I’ll be playing with. This defense is very organic where you have to know what the man next to you is doing so you guys move well and you’re almost in synch in everything that you’re doing. So, I feel that me and James are going to continue to grow and get better at that. I think as time goes on and we get more snaps we’ll be really good.”

(On how much better Butler makes the secondary)

“A lot better. He’s a Super Bowl champ. He quarterbacked the defense that held the New England Patriots. James brings a world of knowledge of this defense and just his skill set. What he’s capable of doing is bettering all of us back there.”

(On how increased “press play” from the cornerbacks changes the game for safeties)

“It takes a little bit of the speed out of our face allowing us to expand our vision and kind of feel things more than if the receivers are right up in your face.”

(On if he feels that the secondary is improving from last season)

“It’s definitely a secondary that should be improving. A lot of us have been together for a number of years and we’re not rookies anymore, we’re not young guys anymore. A lot of the guys are veterans so you can expect veteran leadership and veteran professionalism if you come through. I think each one of us has to challenge one another to get better so as a unit we get better.”

(On if he has any personal goals for the season)

“Definitely. I think each player should set goals just so they know what they’re working towards and being purposeful in their work. Myself, I’ve set goals and things that I want to achieve, but as always I feel like they should be personal. It has nothing to do with telling someone about it or broadcasting. It’s what you in your own heart want to accomplish in this season.”

(On how much it helps to have a head coach and players that have won a Super Bowl on the team)

“It helps a lot. You always want to learn from those who know more than you and know better than you. Having coaches on our staff and players on our (team) who have won Super Bowls you want to gain some knowledge from them so that you can be successful in this year as well.”

(On if Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo spends individual time with the defensive backs because he used to be a defensive backs coach)

“He definitely does. I try to pick Coach Spags’ brain every second I get because he knows this defense better than anyone else here and him having been a DB coach he can tell us certain things we might not get just from reading over our notes or we might not get from just the playbook. I think that’s only going to help us to be more successful on the field.”

C Jason Brown – June 4, 2009

(On if the offensive line is starting to work together)

“Oh yeah, definitely. All these practices they’re definitely coming together. We’ve been blessed with great weather. I don’t know what you call that the other day when that storm came through. It was kind of scary. I’m still trying to get used to the weather here, but for practices we’ve been blessed with good weather.”

(On if there’s anything different as far as divisional preparation that he has noticed here)

“Not really. I know we’ve also worked on a little bit of bear fronts, some 3-4 schemes and at Baltimore I saw that all the time. So that’s not as much of an adjustment for me verses some of the other guys.”

(On what he has seen from T Jason Smith so far)

“He’s very physical. He has all the physical attributes. Very smart of course, very enthusiastic being a rookie in the NFL. Actually, we’re fortunate to have an enthusiastic rookie class as a whole. But of course and he’s said it, there’s always going to be that adjustment from the simple college defensive schemes verses the complex NFL defensive schemes. So, of course, some of the complex blitzes that they bring down, the rotations with the safeties or what not, as a tackle, as soon as you break the huddle, the same thing I do as a center, your eyes have to be scanning from left to right the whole time when you’re getting up to the ball and also when you’re getting down into your set because these defenses; it’s very tricky.”

(On if a player can’t get a feel for the NFL until game time)

“Yeah. And you know what, we can have so many practice situations, but it’s only practice. The only thing that’s going to prepare you for gameday is gameday. Those live situations where you’re not playing, you know paintball, you’re playing with live bullets.”

(On how his experience at guard helps him to adjust to the new players around him)

“It helps me out a lot. Knowing their roles and their responsibilities. Knowing what they’re expecting of me as a center and when they need help. I’m just glad to be there whenever we might have a slide protection and it’s intentional for the guard to overset the three-technique. I have to make sure that I’m going to be right there. It’s also a confidence thing where that guard he might not even have to look back to see if I’m going to be there, but he has to have that faith and confidence in me knowing that Jason is going to be there for me.”

(On how the environment is different coming to a young team)

“It’s very fortunate here. Not too many guys with, I wouldn’t say egos, but of course in Baltimore you have some big name guys, Ray Lewis, we have Bart Scott, you know, Jason Brown. No, I’m just kidding. Todd Heap, we had Jamaal Lewis there. ‘Prime Time’ Deion Sanders his last year, my first year in the league. And it’s very different. I feel more of a sense of humility here. Don’t get me wrong, we have a team filled with talent, but we’re hungry. There’s a ton of humility and definitely buying into the new coaching staff. And that’s where a lot of the enthusiasm has started with Coach 'Spags' coming in. When I had my free agent visit here I could just feel the enthusiasm. It starts with the head coach and them him bringing in a great group of assistant coaches. When he did that bringing in myself and some other guys in free agency and then the rest of the younger guys, a great rookie class and just building it with a foundation of work ethic, discipline and knowing that we’re going to come together and we’re going to achieve our accomplishments as a team.”

(On if he likes having something to prove)

“I not only like it, I love it because I’ve always felt as though I’ve been in the underdog position. But it gets to the point where I hear it, I hear it and I hear it, but then even when I was in Baltimore last year and we were going on halfway through the season and we started doing pretty good. We kept saying to ourselves, guys don’t let anybody get in our way, we’re onto something. We’re doing something so special; do not allow anyone to get in between us as a team. There were some people that just wrote what they wanted to write about us. Still the naysayers, still trying to say that, ‘they’re still going to sink at the end, Joe Flacco, he’s doing pretty good, but he’s still going to sink.’ Man that really hurt me.”

DL Adam Carriker – June 4, 2009

(On if he is quicker this year)

“I’m trying to get quicker. I working on getting off the ball, playing fast.”

(On if credits head strength coach Rock Gullickson for improving his quickness)

“Rock’s done a great job. He’s done a few different things than we’ve done here in the past and I think it’s made a difference. He’s a good strength coach and I think we’re going to see the benefit from that this year.”

(On what Gullickson has done different from previous years)

“A little bit more heavy lifting, some of the speed things he does. A little bit more quick feet-type stuff, quick muscle fibers and stuff like that.”

(On how much of a difference it is to him to be healthy)

“It’s huge. It’s a load off your mind for one thing. Physically your 100 percent. It’s a huge difference just knowing your healthy and just feeling healthy.”

(On his role in the defensive scheme)

“I’m just going to be a left tackle, so I’m either going to play left nose or left three technique just based on the offensive play call and what we’re doing. So I’ll just be on the left side and just based on whatever the offense does, I’ll be playing either nose or tackle and trying to raise some havoc.”

(On if he will be on the left side and playing either nose or three-technique)

“Yes, it just depends on our defensive call and where they put the offensive strength.”

(On how the defensive scheme suits him)

“It’s fine with me. I’ve played nose, I’ve played end, I’ve been bouncing around all over. It’s nice to kind of get honed in on one thing, just the left side as opposed to everything else, so that will be nice.”

(On if there is any difference in this three-technique than last year’s)

“This year it’s a little bit more being quick, getting off the ball. Maybe not being so gap conscious. You don’t want to lose your gap, but it’s more about penetrating, making plays in the backfield than being so gap conscious all the time.”

(On if he feels any urgency this year to assert himself)

“I definitely, my rookie year was an adjustment, last year I was fighting injuries, this year I’m healthy, so it’s not as much of an adjustment, so I definetly want to assert myself more this year. Make more plays, make more of an impact.”

(On how conscious he was last year of his shoulder injury when he was playing)

“During the game, I didn’t think about it as much. It was more getting ready for the game, it was kind of a practice type deal I thought. During the game, you kind of forget everything else in the world, but football. So it wasn’t as much of a big deal. Its just it impact your actual ability to make plays when you don’t have that strength or something like that.”

(On if he likes the defensive scheme)

“Yeah, so far it’s good. I like being able to just play fast. Obviously, you can’t be reckless completely, but I like having a little bit more freedom.”

(On the defensive tackles getting the opportunity to rush the passer in this scheme)

“Yeah, definitely. I’m going to be in on third downs this year, so I’ll be able to play third down and get after the quarterback then, so that will help too.”

(On if he feels he’s been able to grow to the NFL level going into his third year in the league)

“Hopefully, this year is kind of my breakout year. Like I said, my first year was an adjustment, last year getting healthy. This year, we’re learning a new scheme, but it’s not that difficult. Hopefully, I’ll make more of an impact this year. Make some more plays.”

(On if he thinks the defense has improved since last year with the new additions)

“I think so. (LB James) Laurinaits looks good. (S James) Butler obviously knows the scheme. He was successful in New York, he’s a heck of a player. I think we’re going to be improved. We have the talent, we just have to go out and do it.”

(On what he weighs right now)

“300 (lbs.).”

(On if he wants to keep his weight at 300 lbs)

“Yeah, just right around 300 (lbs), just kind of hover right there.”

(On if he has to build up before training camp so he doesn’t lose too much during camp)

“No, I actually tend to for some reason put on weight during training camp. I think it’s because I drink so much Gatorade trying to stay hydrated. I actually put on three pounds, typically on a year-to-year basis.”

(On when he knew he was 100 percent healthy)

“It was honestly probably like a month or a month and a half ago. We were practicing and I wasn’t to that point yet. I mean it just felt like forever to tell you the truth. I mean January, February, March and it still wasn’t getting to that point. And somewhere in the middle of these practices I finally feel like I’m at that point.”

(On if he started feeling better when he was practicing)

“Yeah, coming in I was a little tentative just because I still wasn’t there, but I think practicing actually helps because it get you back into the flow. It actually helps you strengthen the ankle and the shoulder because your using them, as long as your not over-using them. I think that actually helps.”

S James Butler – June 4, 2009

(On how he views his role as someone who helps other players learn the defense)

“I just bring that experience to the group. I’ve been in the system for two years and I can give them the inside and the out of the defense. That’s what I bring to the defense – just give them an overall observation of how the defense is supposed to be run.”

(On if he helps the defensive secondary get lined up during 11-on-11 drills and how often the other players ask him questions about the defense)

“We have a good, smart group of guys. I don’t have to get them lined up a lot, but I just detail them up on some of the little things – look at different receivers – just different things in the defense. To help them just get a better grasp of the defense is my job.”

(On if he will make the majority of the calls on defense or if S Oshiomogho Atogwe will make the calls)

“We both have calls to make. I’m on one side and he’s on one side. I’ll probably make the overall calls, but he still has his calls and I have my calls to make.”

(On if the defensive backs can form the backbone of the defense)

“We are the backbone. We’re young. We’ve had to work hard to get where we are and I think that’s a good thing. It’s a good thing because the guys are hungry. They’re out there working hard to be the best and I think these guys are going to go out and do a great job this year.”

(On what he sees from WR Donnie Avery as a receiver)

“A lot of people talk about the speed (that he has), but people don’t talk about how smart he is reading coverages. You have to be smart to be a wide receiver. You just can’t go out there and just run by everybody. You have to be able to diagnose coverages. I think he’s doing a good job of getting a grasp of the offense and adjusting to it. I think he’s going to make a lot of plays, not only because he’s athletic and fast, but also because he’s got the IQ.”

(On the camaraderie between the defensive backs)

“The camaraderie is doing very well. I know a lot of the safeties are going to work out this summer when the offseason is over with. We’ll go to Atlanta, just different places, and work out. I think the camaraderie is very good here. I think everybody wants to get better and they all see the goal in hand. I think that’s the biggest difference.”

(On how he feels he and Atogwe can be as a safety tandem)

“I think we can be very good. (Former Rams safety) Corey Chavous did a highlight tape of OJ and he showed all his highlights in the last three years. OJ makes a lot of plays so hopefully I can come in and do my little thing, mix in his big plays, I can do a little something. I think we should be ok.”

(On how Defensive Coordinator Ken Flajole compares to Steve Spagnuolo as a defensive coordinator)

“Coach “Flaj,” he’s a good, bright, smart, intelligent coach. I think he’s a players’ coach and I think he’s doing a great job so far.”

(On the Rams being a “young team” compared to the New York Giants who had a number of established veteran players)

“Even though we had established veterans where I came from our secondary was still young. I was one of the older guys in the secondary. That being said, I like playing with young guys. They come with a little swagger by themselves –

hyped up, hyper, ready to get it in. I’m excited about the young guys and hopefully we’ll do a good job this year.”

(On how aggressive the defense is)

“Everything you do is aggressive. The linebackers are downhill. The safeties are downhill. They’re breaking on the ball. The corners are aggressive at the line. Everything we do on this defense is aggressive.”

RB Steven Jackson – June 4, 2009

(On now that most of the offense is installed he welcomes the break from learning all the time)

“Yeah, you’re glad to see different looks from a defense after you practice so many times and get the same look that I was beginning to cheat. So with us being able to prepare for different defenses and different schemes, a 3-4 defense or a bear defense. It gets the mind working again.”

(On if helps that C Jason Brown has experience in this offense)

“No, he may help out with the offensive line, but as far as running backs you face those teams year-in and year-out and if you’ve been in the league for awhile, you kind of know what to expect from the 3-4 defense. Especially a defensive coordinator if he bounces around, you kind of become a little familiar with it. With me going on six years, I prefer to face a 3-4 defense. I think it makes them vulnerable in the running game if you’re able to hit the holes accurately.”

(On what he thinks of some of the young running backs on the team)

“I really like the change of pace that we have in the backfield from (Ken) Darby, (Antonio) Pittman, to the young guys I think those guys are learning at a pretty impressive rate. I think that’s attributed to us all being here in the offseason learning the offense. What I’m really impressed with is their route running capabilities. I think all the guys are able to run routes and it really allows for us to set up different match-ups. We can go two backs on the field sometimes.”

(On if he’s doing anything new with strength coach Rock Gullickson)

“I think it’s talked about a lot, you know, me staying healthy. Of course I want to be healthy, but I don’t think it’s really something you can prepare for. A torn groin or a torn hamstring it just happens.”

(On if Coach Spagnuolo’s practices are more crisp and up-tempo)

“I believe so. This is the way he wants the team to operate and this is his regiment. It actually helps us out too. You’re kind of conditioning in between drills and you don’t even realize it. It’s one of those things that it’s working out well. When he first brought the team together in March, he kind of told us how he wanted practice to work and I think it works great.”

(On if he thinks he is stronger and faster this year)

“I’m definitely stronger now, just hitting the weights a lot more. I hope my speed don’t leave. I hope I’m able to still use that. Really, to be honest with you, I’m really working on being a complete running back. I’ve said that in the past, but this year I’m able to really workout with the receivers and just really make sure that I’m a good route runner. It’s different than catching 4 or 5 yard check-downs where I’m flinging out wide with the receivers learning how to run routes.”

(On his opinion of running backs coach Sylvester Croom)

“Coach Croom is funny. My grandfather is no longer here with me, but he reminds a lot of my grandfather. He’s really big on making sure you understand; he’s a teacher. Some things that you feel like you know, he makes sure of that, he double checks with you. It’s one of those things that he’s a stickler for details. He makes sure that even if you think you, he’s going to ask you again to make sure you know. He’s a guy that come September in Seattle; I won’t have to second guess something. I’m going to be coached up enough that I’m going to know my responsibilities, I’m going to know my assignments, so I’m able to play fast.”

(On how many options he has in this system when running routes compared to previous years)

“There’s always been options, from Coach (Mike) Martz on down the line. I’ve always been able to line up wide and run routes, but in this year, in this offseason I’m really getting detailed coaching, like I said, from Coach Croom on just how to plant the foot properly to get out of break faster, where you want your eyes at to give certain look to a DB or a linebacker where these are the little detail things that I didn’t work on or I didn’t know about. Just going out there and running a 5-yard out. Now I’m actually understanding the details on how to break out of a route.”

(On if mini-camp is much different than OTAs)

“The only difference is you have two practices. They’re all the same at the end of the day. But it’s good. We get some good work out there. For us to be on our third mini-camp, it’s kind of like now Coach Spags has been around a long time, but he really hasn’t, but it just feels like it.”

(On if he thinks he will be ready when training camp comes)

“I feel the work we’ve been getting in this offseason, when training camp comes around, we’re going to hit the ground running. We don’t have to have that learning curve of if we didn’t get together as much as we have, guys would still be learning. Where now we’re working on detailed little assignments getting ready for Seattle or whoever else it is for the regular season.”

(On what he enjoys about twittering)

“Well, I started Twittering because in years previous fake MySpace pages, fake Facebook pages, so I wanted to kind of nip that in the bud early. Having a presence online and allowing my fans to talk to me I think it’s cool to allow them to get to know you off the field. I give them some things on field because I am a football player, they want to know about me, but I also allow them to know I have other interests outside of football.”

(On if he heard about the trouble Cardinals GM Tony La Russa ran into with his Twitter)

“Those kind of social settings, those social networks are going to present those problems and you hope that and you trust that Twitter and any other social network would take care of that. It’s on them.”

(On if he foresees any problems with fans having direct access to him through Twitter after a bad loss or something like that during the season)

“It will be tough, but it will be no tougher than dealing with you guys. Just being honest. It’s one of those things you have to take with a grain of salt. You’re not going to give them details on game preparation or you’re not going to text from the locker room, but it’s one of those things where you hope no one will abuse it. If they start to abuse it you just shut it down.”

T Adam Goldberg – June 4, 2009

(On being a leader in the weight room)

“That’s something that I take a lot of pride in. Offensively, as an offensive line, I think that’s a place where we have to be leaders because obviously in the game there are things where big plays are made by the playmakers and they make a great catch in the end zone, they make a great run, Marc (Bulger) makes a great throw, things like that to get everything rolling. Off the field, things like taking the lead in our offseason conditioning program is something we can do to help raise our team’s level of play.”

(On what the challenges are in protection in the offensive scheme relative to the other schemes he has been a part of in the past)

“Really this is a great scheme because the system is consistent. Just like any other system there are protections where we have max protection, we have eight guys blocking. There are some with seven (men blocking) all the way down to five. You have to know your challenges on each protection and we have great teachers as offensive coaches. If you have an understanding of the whole system, which our o-line seems like it does, it helps clean everything up.”

(On how he approaches playing with the first team now, but possibly moving to a backup role)

“I look at is as I’ve got to go out every day and make myself as good as I can make myself. All those other decisions about who plays where and when are out of my control. So all I do is wherever they say I’m playing that day is I do my best to help our offense execute and move the football and score points. If that’s at right tackle, great. If that’s at punter or tight end I don’t care just let me contribute to our team’s success. That’s what I can control so that’s what I’ll worry about.”

(On if he has worked with first-round draft choice T Jason Smith)

“Absolutely. We sit next to each other in meetings and bounce things off each other. He’s going to be a great player. It’s really reassuring and it’s good when you see a guy come in and he’s really highly touted and about to be very highly paid and it’s nice to see a guy who takes his job seriously, takes great notes, asks great questions and works extremely hard on and off the field. I have nothing but the highest praise for the young man so far.”

(On how much better a football player he is compared to two or three years ago)

“I think I’m an extremely better football player. The opportunity to play, you can’t really quantify that when you’re adding up how good a player is. There’s no substitute for experience. I’ve had the opportunity to play at many different positions so that experience is like gold for me as far as my game and what I can bring to help our offense be successful.”

(On how many different positions he has played in OTAs and mini-camps)

“Just one. I’ve been at right tackle this spring, but like I said, I’ll play wherever they ask me to play and whatever I can do to help the team be successful is what I can do.”

(On how the atmosphere is different when you have a young team)

“It is a really young team. We were sitting in a meal together and we were like ‘Man!’ Especially in my room as an offensive line. Offensive line usually has a couple double-digit year guys or at least some ‘eights’ and some ‘nines.’ I’m a seven-year guy and I’m the oldest guy in the room by two years I think. It’s weird being on an O-line and being the oldest guy and only being a seven-year guy. But you know what? We don’t play like we’re a young offensive line. The meeting room doesn’t seem like a bunch of young guys. Everybody is laser beams to the overhead. Everyone’s taking notes. Everyone’s asking good questions. Guys who play next to each other are talking, ‘Hey, when we see this look against this play we’re going to do it this way’ type things. It’s extremely professional and I think that comes from the top down. I think Coach Spags has come in and really instituted a very professional approach from the top down.”

(On if he likes the team’s emphasis on running the ball)

“That’s music to your ears. As an offensive lineman you want to hear that we’re going to be really aggressive. We’re going to put it on our backs to get movement up front and let Steven do his thing and then make the defense adjust to us, load up the box, and then let Marc (Bulger) do his thing and get the ball downfield with his arm. We’re extremely excited to be a part of an offense that really keeps pressure on the defense at all times.”

(On the development of G John Greco)

“John is going to be a good player and he can versatile as well. He’s playing at guard right now, but he got some tackle work last year in the preseason. He’s a talented, bright guy that will develop into a solid offensive lineman in this league also. It’s exciting to be in a room that has a lot of young potential and a lot of young guys that are going to be big-time players for us every down.”

(On C/G Mark Setterstrom)

“Mark’s a great player, smart kid. He is now practicing without any restrictions or anything like that so he’s doing great. If anybody can come back from back-to-back tough injuries it’s a guy like Mark. It’s hard to keep a good man down in that sense. I’m really proud of Mark and the way that he’s practicing and bouncing back from these injuries.”

(On if he feels that the “sky is the limit” for the team)

“Absolutely. One thing that this league has proven is that preseason picks and records from years previous do not matter. Two of our playoff teams in the NFC this year were at the bottom of the pack last year and had new head coaches. There’s no reason that things like that or better can’t happen here. We’re extremely excited and we’ll come out of the tunnel and face whoever comes out of the tunnel on the other side of the field. We’ll face them, we’ll play them, we’ll execute our offense, we’ll not back down from anybody and see what happens.”

(On if the players have talked about rumors of a potential sale of the Rams)

“That doesn’t really ever trickle its way down to the blue collar area into the locker room. That’s a business decision that’s handled by the business people and it’s our job to prepare to be the best football team we can be for the ’09 season. We’re just going to worry about preparing to win football games.”