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    From the Rams locker room today


    ď To me they sound that way (on whether the criticism of Martz is personal), and to me thatís sad, thatís sad. What kind of journalistic integrity is that, to make blanket statements about a guyís personality and donít know him that well? I could talk about you, but I could only critique you as a reporter. Other than that, thatís all Iíve got. When you guys walk out of here, you wonít have people standing out there yelling obscenities at you. You wonít have anybody out there critiquing your job today on national TV, you wonít see it. ď

    ďIf you guys make a mistake, itíll get edited out, but it just doesnít work for the rest of us like that. I look at it and Iím thinking, what do these people think, who say these things and have no idea what they are talking about. What do people who never played the game, what are they talking about when they sit and critique people who sit down and work 18 hour days trying to win a football game in the National Football League, and they sit and critique one or two plays?Ē

    ďWhat are you thinking really? You go home and your day is over and you can come back and talk about something negative the next day. I donít understand people like that.Ē ď

    (Asked what is ďout of bounds for reporters)

    ďWhen you go into ďdeepĒ analysis about what you think is going on, but have no clue about what is really happening. Analyze what you just watched, and say, ĎI saw a team that didnít play well, or I saw a team that maybe didnít play to its abilityí. But when you go further and say, Ďwell it looks like they packed it in, or it looks like he lost the teamí, what are you talking about?

    How many team meetings have you been in, the people that make these statements? Were you in minicamp? How many times have you come in the weight room, or seen coach come through and have personal conversations with players in the locker room about stuff other than football? Anytime? No. How many times have you seen him put his arm around players and ask them how their kids are?Ē

    ĎHeís lost them, they donít want to play for him anymore, they donít respect himí, I hear that and shake my head. To me it doesnít sound like that person whoís talking has any idea what they are talking about. I know they donít. Where is the integrity to not speak about things you know nothing about?Ē


    ďHereís the point right here. I canít make a statement and describe a guy, a human being, a man his age, and make you understand who he is over the 4 years I have known him. I think heís a great guy, heís an honest guy, heís a man of integrity. Heís too honest sometimes. He tells you guys things that are too honest, and you guys take it and run with it. Heís an honest person, heís an emotional guy, he has layers just like the rest of us human beings.

    I canít sit here and explain to you the four years Iíve had a relationship with him in just two or three minutes. I canít do it. Thatís what Iím saying. So when you as a journalist make statements about a team, and whatís happening in reference to a team, thereís no way you can do that with a level of understanding if you donít have any. I canít sit here and tell you whatís going on in the Jets locker room; I havenít been there, so I canít do it.Ē

    Jackson also revealed that Mike Martz got the game ball from his players after the MNF win over the Eagles, to let him know the players "have his back".

    Barry Waller

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