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    Rams looked good to me... the first half.

    This is enough for me to have a more positive outlook than most on this message board. Everyone seems to be calling for their heads. True, some changes NEED to be made.. But...

    The Rams offense looked good last night. There was FINALLY some good passing going on. Marc looked good on the short and long ball, he had some decent time to find targets, Steven Jackson looked good as usual, and they finally looked more like they are supposed too.

    The defense played pretty good the first half. They held back the run and although some plays got by, it was an improvement. We still need some major holes plugged up for next year. But I felt good in that first half.

    The defense and special teams fell apart in the second half. And that was disappointing, frustrating, etc, etc. But, we did look decent for enough time to let me know that some patches can be made in trade/draft to right this ship.

    That was a positive game for me. Even if we did lose to one of the better teams right now (with some help from the refs). We aren't going to make the playoffs, get over it. This is the time I look for positive for next year in both the players and the newbie head coach.

    While many of you are moaning and groaning, I'm looking at this glass half full.

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    Re: Rams looked good to me...

    I tend to agree, Supachump, that we looked good in the first half. The offense did look like they were starting to get into a rythem. I was very pleased to see us going vertical in our passing game instead of only the usual dink and dunk. It did allow for a slight glimmer of hope.

    The offense didn't lose the game. The defense was in it until the momentum changed. Granted, both had their own difficulties. But, we were in this game until we lost a few calls by the refs and the special team's failures. There was Grossman's fumble, the non-called offensive pass interference on Hill's guy, Bruce's out of bounds issue, etc.

    We weren't expected to win. At best we had the possibility of playing the spoiler. I saw enough from the offense to feel good about it. Get our line healthy with an addition or two and we have something to work with. The defense, well, what can I say that hasn't already been said. It needs another infusion of talent. Special teams have been doing pretty well most of the year. Hopefully, "we can fix that."

    A tough loss, with the slightest glimmer of hope. I'm thinking FA and the draft all the way as I know many of you are as well.

    Here's to next year!

    Go Rams!!! :l
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