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    AlabamaRam Guest

    Rams Meet Nascar........

    Thought you guys might get a kick out of my web-site......I'm a lifelong Rams fan who loves to play this Nascar 2002 game.....I have painted cars that I drive in the game..........Of course......I had to paint "Rams" cars!

    Go Rams.........check out my site when you can.

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    PerthshireRam Guest

    Thumbs up

    Cool cars! nice paintjobs!...

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    yep, very nice I like car number 1 (the white one)

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    Very nice... Oh, and Welcome aboard!!!
    This space for rent...

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    28rulz Guest
    :cool: SWEEEEEEEET..........I love that Ram car, wish I could have one on a shelf....That would be the best Nascar car. Just goes to show they switched to awesome colors and should keep them. I wonder if Georgia would consider getting into Nascar and using your car as a model.

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    AlabamaRam Guest
    Thanks for the replys guys......It's a total blast racing my Rams cars on-line aginst others.........If anyone gets Nascar 2002 I would be glad to paint a Rams car for them.........

    Later Guys!

    Always a Rams Fan!

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    Thumbs up Talk about Ram speedsters!


    :cool: Man! AlabamaRam, those cars look t-e-r-r-i-f-i-c!

    And 28Rulz, you're right: it'd be great seeing one of these in the NASCAR circuits! I wonder what the restrictions are for a pro sports team to own/sponsor a NASCAR racer. I've never seen one with an "NBA" - "NHL" - "NFL" logo on it. Maybe I missed them. They go by so fast!
    Go RAMS! These cars would make Dre' Bly proud.

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    28rulz Guest
    There is probably a restriction, but we can dream can't we!!!
    Just think...Rams football......Rams Nascar.....that would keep us busy in the offseason. Who would drive our Hot Rams car??? It would have to be someone with Ram heart, Ram integrity, and Ram POWER. Ok I am getting carried away...Back to the real world of restrictions....

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    RMFN Guest

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    gap Guest
    Of course, they had to be DODGEs. Being RAMS and all. :-)

    Looking SWEEEEET.

    Are you a Robinson fan? I can't say that I am, but I sure like the fact that she is making a decent attempt to be a regular. I hope their team can keep sponsorship all year.

    I amde this logo last year. What do you think?


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    wolf74 Guest
    Damn, those are great! Good job AlabamaRam!

    So, are you a Ricky Craven fan or a Dre Bly fan? (the #32 reference)

    Or are you a Gordon or Stewart fan? (the #24 & #120 paint sceme/reference)

    GAP, how did I know I'd see you here?!?!

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    AlabamaRam Guest
    Nice logo far as if I'm a Robinson fan (Shawna)......yes......I am pulling for her to do good this year but the reference to "BAM" on my site is to an on-line racing team that I am a part of. The number is "32" because of my age but I do like Dre Bly as well..........Joe Gibbs owns the cars that Bobby Labonte and Tony Stewart drive but I have never actually seen an NFL car on the NFL Logo here and there is about it.......Kyle Petty, If I'm not mistaken had the NFLPA sponsorship on his car for a few select races in the past.

    Anyhoo.......I'd be glad to donate my paint schemes to Georgia if she decides to run a car

    Later guys.........and thanks for all the kind words.

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    Nice work....Im gonna have to run out and get that game.
    "You people point your 'f'in' finger and say theres the bad guy....what that make you....good?" Tony Montana

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