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Thread: Rams at the midpoint: Some progress, some problems

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    Re: Rams at the midpoint: Some progress, some problems

    Quote Originally Posted by Azul e Oro View Post
    Sorry but I think that is illogical. The guy is either in the right spot or he isn't. It isn't up to the QB to gauge how fast he's running any particular route on any specific play. It is the WR's responsibility to be consistent in when he gets there & exactly where "there" is.

    Am I claiming that Sam is a 100% accurate passer on every throw ? Of course not. But Bradford's accuracy has been favorably assessed by every pro evaluator I've read except for ding-a-lings like Jaworski, we've seen it with Givens for all but a couple of games this year ( and you overstate Sam's part in the early connection issues with Givens; CG was at fault on several of those failed bombs,too,imo), we've seen him connect accurately & consistently with Clayton, Amendola, and Lloyd. At what point do you have to admit that the preponderance of evidence is that Sam's WRs need to rise to HIS level of consistency, not the other way around.

    And while I'm sure that the Rams are trying to help BQ with all the extra work they can but the reality is they have only two or three practices a week to prep a gameplan. There is a limit to how much remedial work you can do during the season. It's up to BQ to get his own act together mentally & physically take advantage of the chances he gets.

    Bottom line for me, blame the guys who picked him at a spot where NFL readiness is a big factor, blame the coaches for not getting him ready in the OTAs/TC, blame BQ for not getting his head straight , but stop making Bradford culpable for his struggles in any meaningful way. There is not only any proof that Sam is inaccurate consistently at any distance when throwing to guys who play with NFL consistency,imo. Quite the opposite,in fact.
    You never have to say your sorry... a lot of people think I make no sense. Do all receivers run at the same speed? No so how can a QB know when a particular receiver is going to be in the right spot if he does not establish timing? The QB does not drop back and wait 1.4 seconds and fire the ball to where all receivers should be... if you think that then we don't need to talk about this one any further. It takes timing and chemistry with each receiver IMO.

    The chemistry is starting to develop between quarterback Sam Bradford and rookie wide receiver Chris Givens, and the result has added big-play potential to the Rams' offense.

    "I think the more we've worked together, the more comfortable I've become with him out there," Bradford said. "And I think that's been pretty apparent the past couple of weeks in the big plays that he's been able to make."

    Bradford and Givens didn't work much together during the preseason, but as Givens' reps increased a couple of weeks into the regular season, they started getting in sync.

    "He comes and gets me and he's like, 'Hey, I've got this, this and this. Let's get these after practice.' If it's not right, he stays until we get it right. So we've spent a lot of time together and I think that's one of the reasons that we've developed the chemistry that we have."
    My comments are not about Bradford's accuracy, it's about the lack of chemistry he has with Quick.
    “I think that’s what separates the guys that make the jump quickly, and the guys that it takes a little while,” Rams offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer said. “You have to spend the time getting on the same page as the quarterback, and there’s only one way to do that.”

    And that’s what Givens has done, working early and late with quarterback Sam Bradford to help develop their timing and develop a chemistry.
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