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So easy:


..wait... did i read this wrong?
Well, they did all act like lumps of stone out there at times.

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Van Brocklin and Hirsch, Honorable Mention?!?!

Crazy Legs Hirsch was rolling up 1990s numbers with 1950s rules. Van Brocklin won a championship with the Rams and is in the Hall of Fame.

Warner was MVP in the Super Bowl, and the Rams only have three championships, so I'll give him the QB slot. I'd put Dickerson for RB, Hirsch for receiver and Deacon Jones for defense. This represents four different Rams eras. (50s, 60s-70s, 80s, 00s)

Three HoFers and one future HoFer.
I agree that if I was putting together our Mt. Rushmore, I'd want better representation across eras. I can't argue with Deacon for the '60s and Youngblood for the '70s. Then I'd probably go with Bruce or Warner in place of Faulk to represent the '90s/'00s. Faulk represents the talent that team had, but Bruce represents the spirit of the franchise and the whole thing wouldn't have worked without the ex-grocery bagger Warner. I'd probably go with Jackie Slater as the fourth face on that mountain.

It'd be tough leaving Merlin Olson off the list, but it's for the same reason I'd leave Faulk off. You could easily go to 7 or 8 faces and still only use guys who played on the d-line in the '60s or offense in the early '00s.