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    The Rams Need To Change Up The Play Calling A Bit

    We seem to run Jackson mostly on 1st down. We need to switch it up a bit. What we really need to do is sustain some offensive drives and keep our defense off the field. We run Jackson on first down and if he doesn't pick up good yardage, we get screwed because we end up passing for it. We are predictable on offense. We need to start picking up first downs and not try for the 40 yard bomb all the time, we can't do that anymore it's just not working. We aren't that team anymore.

    Let's stop being so predictable and throw some short slants on first down and pick up some yards then run Jackson on 2nd down and see what he can do, hopefully we end up with 3rd and short and then we can run, or quick pass. But since we can see that we are to predictable, then obviously so do other teams. That makes us real easy to defend.
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